Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Know Who is POTUS

Democrats are imploding and its becoming more obvious with each day they are flustered by their massive power loss on the Hill. Yesterday, Maxine Waters had the audacity to blame the Trump Administration for Korea and in this presser shown on CSPAN, Pelosi indicates she has no idea who is even President of the United States.

If you look at Waters and the man behind Pelosi, it seems apparent they understood what she just did but, like good comrade of their Reich, the just looked back to the audience as if they fully supports anything that comes out of their nutty leader’s mouth. Shameless.

Liberals are melting down and we’re just sitting here with our popcorn, watching their big fall continue to unfold. Perhaps the Daily Caller is right, Democrats are on their way to having a permanent minority position in DC. With leaders like Pelosi, how can they be anything else but…

Watch this over and over… let it sink in!

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