#Millennials: #Victims, Aren’t We All?

Is your safe space really, safe?

Crying on video Snap Chats and pontificating on Twitter and Facebook, basically the Peter Pan generation is showing they’ve gained no real life experience than that bratty kid you see in Walmart who throws themselves on the floor, screaming because their Mommy won’t buy them the latest Batman Xbox game. This is what it’s come to, a world full of Cinderellas where there’s no glass slipper. (And yes, that line is familiar to the Almost Famous crowd.)

In major cities, a collective temper tantrum has ensued that should put every American parent in a state of panic and embarrassment. The millennials have proven once and for all that Nixon was very wrong to give people under 21 the right to vote. Their mental immaturity cannot be measured by any psychological test as they hurl themselves into these fits of rage when they ‘don’t get their way’ because their parents never taught them anything but “give me, give me, give me.”

My grandmother had a saying, “spare the rod, spoil the child.” I always thought it was some cold cloak and dagger, antiquated scare tactic old people used to suppress the young, but watching the new shows, it’s clear to see many rods have been spared in our society. Too many of these college brats, collectively, have the mentality of third graders, thinking they can extort society into giving them their way. Well, tough cookies, kids. There is no extortion that will make me take my vote back. And your temper tantrum only reinforces why law and order along with respect need to be reintroduced to our country.

The Clintons have, once again, provided a fine example of lawlessness and utter abandon of any sense of decorum which they have bestowed on these people as they go around wrecking up cities and disturbing the peace. See, once upon a time, disturbing the peace was considered a crime – albeit a misdemeanor – still a crime all the same. Today, because the current president wants cops to go soft until he slinks out of the Oval Office in January, we are stuck with this rambunctious discontent being perpetrated on Americans.

Like the 1960s movements, they all think they’re saying something new. We’ve all had our disappointments in life but unlike these dissident piglets, we were taught by our parents how to handle defeat and learn from our times of loss. However, with the placating academic world and their safe spaces and counselors for every stupid incident – along with parents who don’t allow their children to ‘fend for themselves’ for once, the new generation has about as much common sense as God gave a box of rocks.

Coddling and too much liberty have created this generation into a bunch of whiny, crying urchins whose emotional larceny cannot be measured. Instead, they run around thinking they’re adults because they have a license to drive but their coping and problem-solving skills are nil. Even famous (aptly the most spoiled) like Miley Cyrus just make idiots of themselves on video, leaving us lasting recorded memories to be reminded of just how nonsensical some of these social misfits truly are… quite a dismal picture, indeed.

It’s no wonder these kids live in the basements for decades on end – they can’t handle real life so they retreat to video-game worlds full of violence while sucking down Mountain Dew and Red Bull to charge their insidious and irrational behaviors.

And this is what America has to look forward to?

Even the most rebel of rebels back in the day had the sense to deal with issues as they came about – they didn’t sit around sucking their thumbs and swaying back and forth while listening to Patsy Cline all night long. I can almost see them sucking their thumbs, curled up in the fetal position in their dark rooms, listening to Radiohead — wondering why they got such a bad lot in life. It’s really a sad sight but at some point we can’t assume they know how to get up off their butts and move on.

They can wish for all the recounts and file all the petitions they want but the fact is, their candidate was a corrupt criminal who had no business running for the presidency in the first place. She would’ve sold them out just like she’s sold everyone else out for decades. They weren’t special to her. She spoke down to them like they were subjects not people who had a right to elect a law abiding citizen to be our next president.

The following is a wonderful video depicting the finer moments of angst in this post-electron, Soro-funded mayhem by one of our favorite YouTube bloggers, End Times News.

No amount of temper tantrums is going to dial back Hillary Clinton’s last four decades in public life or her corrupt criminality or her psychopathy for which there is no cure.

It’s a shame they’ve wasted their angst on such an unworthy cause. I’d rather seen this kind of emotional despair over the death of Prince or David Bowie rather than wasted on a person who never gave a hoot about them, nor gave two dimes to help them learn about life.

If anything Clinton’s campaign run has taught older generations just where we failed the young ones. Of all those things they weren’t taught, the biggest ticket items was tolerance and shelving disappointment. Instead, they are the five year-olds who didn’t get their way – even if they’re in their twenties.

They’re right to fear Donald Trump as he’s the father they obviously NEVER had. The one who doesn’t see them as victims but as untapped talent that could do wonderfully big things with themselves. Too bad they don’t share Mr. Trump’s opinion of them…. such low self-esteem they hold for themselves, one can only hope they won’t waste their entire lives in this void. Perhaps they’ll have an epiphany or watershed moment when they realize, maybe that guy knows something about life that they would do well to learn themselves.

One can only hope…

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