Millennials: IQ v. Common Sense

A lot of millennials walk on college campuses every year, enrolling for the next chapter of their lives. They have accomplished getting a high school diploma and now they’re ready to take on the world of liberal academia. Question is, are they?

There’s a huge difference between IQ and Common Sense. In fact, the chasm is vast between the two. However, many in college, learn theorems as opposed to common sense about life and ability to connect those theories to real life. Is college doing the millennials a disservice? Absolutely.

Remembering my own college days, I had already been in the working world for a couple years before going back to finish up my degree, so when my Econ 101 professor said socialism and communism were brilliant, I knew better. The key here was, I had worked in the ‘real’ world at a ‘real’ job and understood those theories didn’t mesh with reality nor were they what America was founded on… Common Sense.

The problem with millennials today is they take their professors’ word at face value – some even see their professors as mentors, oracles of truth. Yet, once in the real world, people with common sense, quickly see the professor is insulated in the ivory tower of academia, so they’re afforded the luxury of frivolous thinking because their paychecks come from people paying tuitions to hear their flowery thoughts. Those paychecks don’t come from building anything or employing people – they come from the employed or soon-to-be employed with massive debt. There is a huge difference.

No one bothers to actually talk to students to ascertain what they’ve learned from their professors. The administrators depend on teacher evaluations from students to ascertain what a professor is doing right (and wrong) but they seldom do anything about the latter. Instead, bad professors continue to teach and even gain tenure in many cases, which guarantees them jobs for life as long as they stay within the institution’s ‘rules.’

In reality, teaching evals are usually based on if the professor enforced rules and gave out easy assignments. The more pliable the teacher, the more favorable the evaluation. Meaning, if they didn’t dole out homework and expected little from the student, chances are, they get great marks from them. Hint, some professors get good marks if students find them ‘physically’ attractive. If you don’t believe me, go to Rate My Professor and you’ll see proof. Those with Hot Peppers (cute factor) seem to have much higher marks than those without. (Common Sense)

Who pays for such a flawed system? We all do. How? Because these millennials graduate with degrees and go out into the real world with all these crazy ideas. They also vote without any semblance of connecting dots.

Yes, voting again… but as I watched a segment on Fox this morning, millennials saw Hillary Clinton as a role model. A role model for what? A criminal? Crime pays? Quid pro quo is grand? You don’t have to build anything or create anything and it’s cool to be corrupt? How are any of these qualities role modeling behaviors? They’re destructive. People with Common Sense see this as a no-brainer.

A wise man once said any time fascism permeates a society, the intelligentsia is the first to be terminated. This actually happened with the Third Reich. People not schooled in fact never learn this because after all, that would mean liberal academia preaches for its own demise.

Does academia have a responsibility to help students develop Common Sense?

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