MEMORIAL DAY: A Day of Remembrance

Today was the first time in 8 years I watched the Arlington Cemetery ceremony – not because I’m not patriotic or take for granted the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes but because knowing what Obama is, it all seemed to be pomp and circumstance fakery.

The ceremony today with President Trump’s remarks provided a refreshed inspiration after a successful world tour which boasted not of apologies but of greatness and deference to our country. It was an affirmation of what our values and culture is really all about and why we cannot let liberalism or the political class establishment continue to corrode our society and erode our precious history.

Sure, our history isn’t perfect but neither is any other country on this earth. We’ve made mistakes and had missteps but in every instance we’ve caught our mistakes and done what we could to make amends. We have paid our penance and we continue to make mistakes we’ll no doubt be accountable for in the future. However, all that said, like Reagan indicated in a Time for Choosing, we are the last free nation on earth and we should not take it for granted.

Many take for granted this freedom and often get too mired down in the politics of it all; however, it’s no place for us to dwell. Days like today should provide us a beacon to continue forward in our strive to retain our freedom and pay homage to those who died for it to continue.

Thank you to all those fallen and their families who also made sacrifices by not having sons and daughters; sisters and brothers; moms and dads; grandsons and granddaughters. As a patriot and citizen of this great country, I have nothing but thanks to all who have laid down their lives so we could all live free!

And thank you to President Trump for honoring this day with grace, dignity and devotion!

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