MEDIA: Reality – Their War isn’t just about President Trump, it’s about YOU!

Well, folks, the Washington Post has yet again through unnamed sources, herald another ‘crisis’ in the White House with the Trump Administration. This time, their target du jour is Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law. Another big ‘Russian collusion’ myth-spin that only Lamestream Media can promote because it’s nothing but a fairy tale equipped with unicorns, fairy dust and rainbows.

Tinkerbell is a more credible source for hard-hitting news these days!

They seem to forget (or choose to hide) many administrations from the past have worked to cultivate back channels. Kissinger and China was one that comes to mind. In fact, before Richard Nixon went to China for that infamous visit, Kissinger traveled there in secret and arranged for the visit. The media blackout was done to not tip off the press because they would have made a big to do about nothing, much like they’re doing now. Other administrations also had back channels. Some that come to mind are FDR, Eisenhower, Truman, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton and Obama. Wait – was that all the presidents since Roosevelt? Well, yes and it goes back even further but I’m sure you’re getting the 4-1-1.

Long short of it is the Media is banking the Common Core brainwashing has succeeded and is playing on your supposed ignorance because you’re not supposed to know about our real history or how government works. Right?

Let’s face it, the Media has made it no secret they have targeted President Trump. Why? Because, as I’ve said many times before, he’s not of their political elite class – not groomed to be the President. If this was truly the pre-qualifier for becoming president then George Washington would’ve been SOL indeed. Many presidents didn’t follow a pattern to get to be president. In fact, it wasn’t until Franklin Roosevelt that a pattern journey to the White House was established.

As historians know, FDR followed Theodore Roosevelt’s political path to make his way to the presidency but before that time, there was no wrong or right way to become president. It wasn’t a system of design as it is now. Furthermore, the press is intimidated by a ‘regular’ citizen president because they can’t curry favor with him as they’ve done with his predecessors. It’s a whole new ball game with this administration because the press’s stature has been diminished severely. President Trump tweets and they hate it. Loathe it actually.

Why do they loathe his tweeting? Because, up until now, they were the gatekeepers of what’s on the President’s mind. Now, like every other American, they don’t get the one-up because our President tweets his thoughts – and they are not in any hierarchy. Instead, they learn this intel when we learn it.  This is the real reason they can’t stand President Trump. (Perhaps when he was a private citizen, they should’ve treated him better. Just a thought.)

In essence, we have to come to terms with this because not only have they targeted our President, they have gone after us, the American People. You know, the ones who elected him to the White House. Their war isn’t just about Trump, it’s about our audacity to think outside-the-box, (aka: think for ourselves) and elect someone they didn’t deem appropriate.

You have to hand it to the media, they certainly think more of themselves than they justly deserve. They’ve been attempting to shove a lot of garbage down our throats for many years. Look at all the hoopla over Obama and he ended up being the worst president we’ve ever had in our history – perhaps even worst leader in World History. How’s that for another brilliant first?

Yes the media’s war against us isn’t going to be a success for them as people have already started turning away from them and finding alternative sources for their news. Heck, all you have to do is follow all the White Administration and Departments within the Trump Cabinet on Twitter and you get real news, you don’t even need to waste your time or dimes buying garbage like the Washington Post. Knowing they’re nothing more than pulp fiction, dime store novels of intrigue, it’s hardly worth wasting precious time unless you’re in dire need of a good laugh.

In reality, as long as there’s a break room and a news organization, we’re going to get fake news and propaganda. There’s always going to be a group of self-proclaimed intellects who think they know better than the ‘masses.’ Their Maria Antoinette mentality has always been afoot in every society since the beginning of human existence. Someone always self-appoints their group as the bullies on the block. We have ours in the Liberal/Media group. Can’t be helped but that doesn’t mean you have to lay as a helpless victim.

It’s a shame the media has decided to fight the American public because they’ve only severely crippled whatever credibility they had left. Most don’t even believe there are sources anymore; instead they think the WaPo people sit around in their break room, making crap up over the water cooler. How’s that for falling from grace.

Try to look at the Media like it’s an ex-spouse whose lost influence over you, then everything will be easy as pie to understand…

Keep cheering, my fellow country people, this glorified gossip fest is only just beginning because the media will gin up some crisis every week, if not daily, about the Trump Administration. All you can do is keep reading Trump Tweets and sorting out the truth for yourselves. But most of all, remember and never forget, there’s more of us than there is of them – so don’t lose heart!

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