Hon. Neil Gorsuch was nominated for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court as a result of Justice Scalia’s death last February and since, the Left has been hell bent on thwarting anyone nominated because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to hold hearings for Judge Garlan offered by former President Obama. As if a vendetta, even before the announcement was made on January 31, 2017, Senators like Chuck Schumer (D-NY) were stating they would not support any candidate brought forth by President Trump.

Now, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) claims Hon. Gorsuch made incendiary statements against the President during his in-person meeting with the jurist. Words like “defaming, demoralizing and appalling” were supposedly used by him in response to President Trump’s tweets about the judicial activism going on in Washington, Minnesota and the 9th District Court of Appeals.

Today in a tweet, President Trump casts doubt on whether Blumenthal’s version of the meeting, citing the senator’s penchant for lying, the President expressed his doubt that Judge Gorsuch would openly beseech him as indicated.

Yet, as if on cue, the Media began heralding the same headlines about what ‘supposedly’ occurred. Blumenthal even spoke out, saying the Judge had said he could ‘go public’ about his remarks.

In the Daily Caller yesterday, an article states the Democrats are now piling on to vote for Judge Gorsuch whereas just a few days ago, they thought he was ‘dangerous.’ Such a swift change of heart looks pretty suspicious. Is this ingenuous or is this just more fodder for Democrats to placate an angry base?

We need to look at the Media’s stances over the campaign and election cycle as well what’s occurred since… and think, “does that really make any sense?” Would Judge Gorsuch really talk badly about our President?

Common Sense would dictate that he wouldn’t trade in this type of political piffle of fake news. It seems hard to believe, given the Judge’s acceptance speech and his actual opinion record, he would be so openly critical of our President with an opposing political representative. In his speech, he made it very clear his belief that there’s a separation of power which includes the actual written law and it’s Constitutional frame usurp his own personal held beliefs. Therefore, does this make sense?

Do we now have to have third-party observers monitor every meeting a nominee has to make sure Democrats aren’t lying about what’s said?

This smacks more of another Media/Democrats slamfest than anything else and it would be nice if, given the nature of this issue, Judge Gorsuch would do a press conference to ‘clear the air.’ Hopefully, the Trump Administration will encourage him to come forth and set the record straight. Until then, we just need to use good old-fashion common sense.

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