MEDIA: Complaining Again!

Everyday we hear of the Press complaining about one thing or another regarding President Trump, yet at no time in history, has a president made himself so accessible to a press – especially one who hates him with a great passion. Between his tweets and in-person accessibility, he has gone above and beyond the call to answer questions; however, the Press continues to lament that he didn’t do his before-Christmas presser. The question here is, why should he bother?

Who would want to answer questions, when he already knows they make up the answers anyway?

We’ve seen over the last year, the Press has made up completely fictitious stories, fabricated ones they’ve been briefed on and now nothing but expound hate after hateful message their Democrats handlers have to them to regurgitate to the public. With a press so biased against the President, what would be the point of him talking to him. They absolutely hate him and it’s not lost on him nor us. They’ve made their own bed when it comes to President Trump.

Democrats and Never-Trumpers alike will never be satisfied with anything Donald Trump does because, to them, he never belonged in the White House; however, the People don’t agree. They (the Press/Democrats/Never-Trumpers) have waged a war they are now seeing is useless and irrelevant. People understand what’s going on – their consumer confidence up and money is beginning to flow into the Markets, making new job opportunities and has done so without legislating and regulating us to death. We all see the puppets and the dog shows, knowing that behind it is Trump Derangement Syndrome which is petty, childish and immaterial.

The Proof is in the pudding…

Our economy is proving the malcontents wrong in so many ways. The authenticity of Trump’s wherewithal to see things through to completion is not lost on the public, even if the media refuses to cover it and the Democrats/Never-Trumpers continually dismiss and disparage his accomplishments. They have done themselves, not us, a grave disservice. How may people really believe the press anymore? Chances are a very few group but on the whole, we all just ignore it and wait fo the next Trump tweet.

The Press, with the help of Democrats and Never-Trumpers – have worked their way out of jobs throughout America. Their derangement is eating them live. As Marilyn Manson said in one of his hit songs, “You can’t sedate the thing you hate.” Nothing could be truer than what we’ve seen with our President and his never-ending war with the Democrats, Media and Never-Trumper crowed.

In truth, with each stupid nonsensical banter they level at them, they lose even more people from their spear of influence. It’s gotten to the point where, no one will believe the Press even if it’s a state of emergency or something more important. They have shot themselves in the proverbial face, at the expense of saving their nose. They have marginalized themselves with little to no effort on Trump’s lot. He’s merely pointed out the truth and provided the people with great transparency.

In reality, all Trump has done is deliver on the promises he made us while on the campaign trail. Immigration crackdowns, tax reform and deregulating (unhinging business and investing) — all of which he said for a year and half prior to his election, he would do. If you look at the market along, it’s broken more than 70 records going from 19K points to 25K. Not bad for a first year! Even savvy politicians groomed for the presidency have never achieved the momentum or rise President Trump continues to perform, time and again.

Who’s really lost in the woods?

The American people deserve a lot more credit than the political elites give us credit for. They act as if we only go towards the red shiny objects and enjoy the one-line bumpersticker mentality. Well, for many whom have awoken during the last election – that meme-driven nonsensical blather just doesn’t work anymore.

Unfortunately, the Media, Democrats and Never-Trumps continually miss these advances – leaving them off the reality bus with alarming regularity. This is most disconcerting considering they’re supposed to be the ones who are sophisticated political animals. They fail to grasp the optics (bad) of what they look like when they continue to damn America’s success.

This continuous battle has even old Democrats scratching their heads, wondering why the malcontents don’t get on board with the one person whose actually making things move in Washington for the first time in decades. They have cautioned their friends but to no avail, they refuse to listen as they beat chests and make fools of themselves.

All in all, the Media, Democrats and Never-Trump are all but practically dead in America – and it’s nobody’s fault but their own. It’s also their own fault they missed the MAGA Movement because it’s one that will keep many outsiders winning elections for many days to come.

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