Maybe Clinton Should Read Wikileaks

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We all remember as Hillary Clinton listen to the question from a veteran in the audience about her handling – or rather mishandling of classified information as Secretary of State. Yes, we heard a new lie compounded by the other balderdash about how she’s careful. Of course, her face was priceless as she listened to the man frame his question – watching him with utter disdain.

Was this missed by everyone but me? I would hope not…

One particular line that stuck out as a red thumb was her explanation about how classified emails and paper always has headers. Now, I refer you to a Wikileaks email between Clinton and Jake Sullivan where she specifically orders the headers to be removed when they were having trouble with a secure facsimile machine.

The word BUSTED comes to mind again and again as this Wikileaks email made it’s way through the Twitterverse last night!

In her long-winded nonsensical explanation she failed to relay this email to the questioner; hence, making it sound that the sender had been negligent not her for it being on her private email server which was in violation of the State Department’s protocol as per the IG Report last summer.

Was it left out because of her concussion or was she merely parroting back the voices in her head in the most literal way?

You be the judge – she was not only busted for her earpiece but also she reiterates there was no headers. Here is a clip from TransmiTV on YouTube:

Does Hillary Clinton really think the American voters are that stupid? It would appear so…and frankly, that’s an insult to everyone not just the people left that are still voting for her.

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