Lunatic Democrats’ Obsession with Bullying

No one likes a bully… even bullies don’t like bullies, so why is the Democrats continuing to forge down this path of bullying when it keeps losing for them?

The fever pitch has been full throttle since his election and the Democrats don’t look like they’re going to man up and accept their stunning losses in spite of being exposed as frauds. They have called done everything from trying to push fake news like the Russian dressing affair and other such nonsense, yet President Trump has miraculously prevailed and had many wins in his mere 150 days in office.

The Democrats have continued their name-calling and campaign of vilification against Trump and reduced themselves to also calling out his supporters at a hefty price. It is found more voters are going towards the President because instead of the schoolyard tactim, he’s actually doing things to make their lives better. This is a fact the Left doesn’t seem to be too keen on admitting.

Now the latest rip is some insidious bill calling into question Trump’s mental capacity; however, mind you – this is coming from the same people who backed a psychopath for president – namely Hillary Clinton. The recent bill was introduced by 25 Democrats including unhinged lunatics like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former DNC chair who flagrantly lied, cheated and stole to secure Clinton her nomination before being busted by Wikileaks. When reviewing the names of these representatives, most people would be hard pressed to even recognize most because they don’t do anything on the Hill but take up space. The insane puppetry continues to dump a voluminous amounts of rubbish on the American people, seemingly unaware they are not being well received.

The problem as we can all agree is this: simply put, the Democrats have no winning policy or plan to help Americans, and unfortunately for them, we all know it. The jig is up. People are not buying into this continual temper tantrum and upset from the people who do nothing but essentially act like schoolyard bullies.

This rabid lust to disprove Trump’s mental capacity is only one of the many initiatives Democrats have launched and like the others, will fail miserably. However, as they yammer on and on about their fakery, Trump continues to win with a list of achievements growing by leaps and bounds. The fact is, he has done more in five months than Obama did in 8 years – much of it was turning back all the economy killers done by Democrats since the Clinton era in the Nineties.

Donny Deustch even went as so far to call our President a “pig.” When was the last time this was acceptable behavior by a television personality? Why is this continual acceptance within Media to try and vilify the President allowed. They’re losing people left and right, yet they still run with their caricatures of themselves and doing nothing but galvanizing and winning new people to Trump’s base with their insanity. They’ve gone to the points of such extreme, no one bothers to watch them anymore unless they’re watching the news to get a laugh.

The sad reality is, if Democrats actually cared about Americans as much as they cared about winning and retaining power over the people, they might actually start winning elections again. However, the Liberals’ lunacy and radicalization is preventing any common sense. This painfully obvious fact is seen from the over 1,000 representative seats throughout all levels of government that have flipped in recent years from Democrats to Republican.

Until they get a grip, they’re not likely see this trend reversing anytime soon!

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