LOGIC: A Moment in the Deluge of Liberal Discord

A lot of these protestors have made claims that President Trump is a fascist dictator — Hitleresque. What we find amusing about this stupidity is this, if he were such an incubus of fascism, then wouldn’t it be worrisome for organizations like MoveOn.org to protest and taunt his administration? After all, people who’ve studied Nazi Germany or Mussolini’s Italy or Castro’s Cuba, soon learn any dissidence is quickly quashed by mortal force.

This only goes further to demonstrate the illogical Liberal rants that continue to provide white noise for America right now. Their incoherence is startlingly misinformed for a group who prides itself on their moral superiority is rooted in some kind of educational background. One could easily make an argument that they are victims of their own Common Core, revised history education system; hence, giving us another reason to eradicate this failed policy.

Unlike Trump’s Administration, the fascist regimes of history like the Third Reich would not have suffered foolish protests with disgusting, pre-fabbed signage. Instead, they would’ve been shut down so quick, the media wouldn’t have had a chance to cover them or even know anything about such movements.

Also, don’t forget that President Trump’s daughter is Jewish as well as his son-in-law and grandchildren from said marriage. Don’t recall Adolf Hitler ever having family members who were Jewish except for the rumors of his great grandmother, but his biographer, Ian Kershaw, dispelled this as rumor when he couldn’t substantiate it through records, diaries and Hitler family genealogy research.

The long short of it is,  if these Liberals and lunatics really believed their own bumpersticker memes, they wouldn’t be protesting at the White House or on the DC Mall; they would be finding hiding places or leaving the country in short order. Thus, the Democrats and their media lapdogs are in serious meltdown mode as they can’t seem to reconcile with the fact their party is dying and losing any influence on Middle America.

Just a moment of common sense in an environment of discord and idiocy. Carry on…

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