Like Mother, Like Daughter

We are all very familiar with the Mother/Daughter Legal duo, Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom. They have been molesting our election system, hacking into the minds of many whom hold a great dislike for our President, but also many others the supposed feminist attorneys don’t like. Bill Cosby, Herman Cain, Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump, Roy Moore — all victims of their fake victims, which as the Hill’s John Solomon revealed in a searing article, victims for hire scheme.

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It is nothing new, I have been beating the drum for years about Allred. She’s an ambulance chasing liberal who loves to insert herself in every election – now even going after local elections – to spread her disease. Therefore, it was no shocker when her daughter began to vocalize and trot out victims-for-hire in front of cameras, telling about how the big bad men were terrorizing their poor, pitiful clients.

Sorry, but feminism has nothing to do with the Allred-Bloom scam; if anything, these women exploit others in order to hit pay dirt while serving the Democrat party with their constant need to have opposition fables instead of having real solutions to Americans’ woes and concerns. These two have been working the chains a long time so it should come as no surprise when we find our suspicions are validated.

Watching Tucker Carlson, its quite worrisome to think the California Bar would allow these two to keep running their racket of white collar criminal behavior – along with lying, which should be an ethics code violation. However, it doesn’t look good these two nefarious attorneys will be disbarred for their shams.

Beverly Young Nelson in her Oscar-winning performance.

Let’s hope now that truth has come forth, the country will understand any time these two produce some victim, the story should be scrutinized rather than the rush to judgment we saw in the Moore situation. Even after the yearbook was exposed as a forgery, it seems some still continued to believe the negative and Moore suffered as a result. I guess you could say some ‘victims’ are good at hamming up an act for the camera better than others. Remember, the accused in America do have the right to the presumption of innocence, yet Allred and Bloom love to make media spectacles which prevent this presumption. This is done on purpose and it’s 95% political — nothing to do with real sexual crimes.

Unfortunately for real victims of sexual harassment and assault, this #MeToo Movement has already come back to bite them, because now, more than ever, people will be less inclined to believe them – especially when men or women are in a position of power, creating enemies. It is a sad day for Feminism when things like this come to light because the real basis for feminism has nothing to do with hacks like Allred and Bloom.

Real feminism is about women competing with men on their level – equals – and being able to succeed on their own merits. It does not mean exploiting your sexuality to get a leg up, competing on an unequal playing field.

Furthermore, what does this mean for relations between men and women in the workplace from here on out? Will men start hiring men over women again for fear of some situation like false accusations if someone doesn’t get a raise? This certainly doesn’t help women gain or retain credibility in the workplace – that is, if they even get a shot of being hired after all these fabrications and nonsense.

In closing, this situation has done a lot more damage than good for women in America. The shame is, there’s still women and men – liberals – who cling to these situations and promote them needlessly. Unfortunately, all they’ve done is set women back a few decades.  As for Allred and Bloom, let’s hope the Hill article will shine a bright light on their fraudulent scam and shut them down because after all, what woman would want them for representation now that their reputations have been so badly impugned? Only a fool.

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