LIBERALS: Putting Your Lives at Risk

Many Liberals have continued their nonsensical multiple-month meltdown to the point where I have stopped notifications for some local friends on my Facebook. Why they can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that President Trump is our president is beyond reason and its gotten to be an emotional train wreck which has made smart people look absolutely asinine and immature.

The immigration dust up yesterday was just one of many events which has lead to my liberal friends to post the most ridiculous MSM propaganda I’ve ever witnessed. Their emotional overloaded behavior is beyond reproach and has me wondering if I should just de-friend them altogether, because quite honestly, I’m tired of the all propaganda riddled whining, based on zero facts or relevant evidence!

Cold Hard Fact

The Executive Order signed by President Trump regarding the Big Seven doesn’t come without precedent, set by former President Obama. In fact, I don’t recall any protests when Obama did this to Syrian Christians either. What MSM is failing to relay to you is this, much of his predecessor’s EO from 2015 was used for his, but Liberals are so up in arms about everything to do with Trump that they miss the point, which is this action completely: Keep Americans SAFE!

Why Liberals can’t seem to grasp this dangerous situation with ISIS is, is beyond any right thinking comprehension. The ban is not about religion, it is about Terrorism! It has been proven through every intelligence agency that ISIS terrorists have purposely infiltrated the refugees and they seek to kill in America, just like they have in France, England, Germany, Brussels, and Italy as well as America.

Remember, in 2015, fourteen people in San Bernardino, California would still be alive, had extreme vetting been in play. Liberals don’t like this inconvenient fact. For some reason, it’s completely lost on them even though the evidence is overwhelming.

Liberal Logic:
Will believe Russians had any influence on an election to excuse the deplorable criminality of their favorite candidate, but the same intel community says Extreme Vetting is absolutely needed, and they fall into a mayhem of protest. Make sense?! I think not!

No one seemed to have a hissy fit when in 1979, former President Jimmy Carter revoked all VISAs from all Muslim countries when the Iran Hostage Crisis occurred. He gave them 24 hours to pack up and get out – including students. If they didn’t leave, they were subject to arrest and official deportation, which would also include a permanent ban for re-entry. No one protested at the airports or marched in the streets. So what makes this any different?

The Real Deal

President Trump has every right to ban people from other countries should he find they pose a threat to OUR safety. It is a part of our code in America. Like Carter, he has the obligation to do this to keep everyone in this country safe from harm by all means possible.

Whether you like it or not, it’s not a matter for discussion; its a matter of National Security. And quite frankly, your tantrums says more about your own ignorance not highlighting any racism on anyone else’s lot.


What is your life worth? Are you willing to eat a bag of candy, knowing that four pieces of that candy is poisoned and will kill you immediately? Seriously? You’re willing to knowingly ingest potential poison, knowing you will die in order to prove some Liberal talking point which lacks any sense whatsoever?

Sorry but that’s just plain idiocy. Now, it’s time for Liberals to put on the big people pants and deal with it. Many dealt with their choice for the last eight years without protesting and acting like morons… It’s time now for them to do the same.

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