LIBERALS: Playing Politics at the Expense of Americans’ Lives

Yesterday, Senators like Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) made fools of themselves as they continued to misinform anyone who would listen to them through crocodile tears and flat out lies about what the US Constitution contains. However, here’s a question all people should be asking themselves about these two malcontents:

If they were that concerned about the US Constitution, then why aren’t they in DC, voting on the confirmations that are in dire need for our government to function?

It would seem if they were really that concerned about the people who voted for them, then they would be in DC doing their jobs instead of out there trying to incite riots and protests. Sedition is against the law. And if standing on a chair with a megaphone screaming falsehoods isn’t sedition then what is?

In a recent poll, it illustrates that Warren is losing her base in Massachusetts – as she should because clearly, her state is not her concern. She has done nothing but pander and promote propaganda while putting American lives in peril.

This last weekend is just one of many examples where Warren has put her own special interests before her constituents and it’s time her home state look for alternatives — men and women who will represent them in DC and not self enrich while lying to the public.

Historically, Warren is no stranger to lying. She’s lied her whole life! It’s common place to her and she does it without an ounce of apology. Generally, people who do this, like Hillary Clinton, are viewed psychologically as sociopaths or psychopaths (which both contain pathological lying in their make-up.)

Now to Chuck Schumer, whom spoke about the haphazard way the Extreme Vetting Executive Order was carried out… whose ultimately at fault for this? Could it be the Senate’s failure to get confirmations for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Is this just another delay tactic on Schumer’s part to thwart the placement of cabinet positions where he knows he doesn’t have the votes to stop?

Does anyone recall Chuck Schumer crying for the 9/11 victims on September 11, 2001? Probably not, because it never happened…

The crocodile tears don’t work with right-thinking people. Schumer plays the emotional card to trick Americans into thinking they are so distraught over this mythological injustice but what is injustice? A Senator whose done everything to avoid doing his job over the last week, putting our lives in danger? That makes me want to cry! Save it for Argentina, Schumer. Do your job and let President Trump do his!

It is no secret that Schumer is an opportunist and is no doubt taking advantage of the Common Core misunderstanding about the Executive Order – which has been promoted through the liberal mainstream media as being a Muslim Ban, which it is not. When people take the time to read the actual EO, it’s easy to see there’s no reference to religion whatsoever as well as it being specifically stated as a temporary ban, not permanent.

Furthermore, neither Warren nor Schumer spoke out against Obama’s six-month ban from Iraq in 2011. Incidentally, the media didn’t have a problem with that ban either. Therefore, it’s clear the Media, Schumer and Warren prey on this lack of understanding and under-educated American base their party created when they allowed classes like Civics to be taught in public school systems throughout the country.

Perhaps it’s time New York also look for a replacement for Schumer as, both he and Warren are clearly unfit for their positions on the Hill. Neither has accomplished anything more than ginning up people, exploiting emotional reactions based on propaganda and misinformation, which they perpetuate.

The final synopsis on this whole uproar is really about this: the Media, Schumer and Warren are  simply trying to find anything and everything they can to undermine President Trump and his governance in the eyes of the American public. It’s their continued tantrum because their favorite criminal didn’t get elected. It has nothing to do with keeping Americans safe. All three have made it abundantly clear, they are not in the least bit concerned about our safety and have insisted on playing politics at the expense of our lives!

And they say President Trump doesn’t emulate American values? They should try looking in a mirror to see the real detractors of those said values as they certainly don’t embody them.

Can we afford to continue to support these malcontents whom place politics about the lives of Americans? I should say, negative!

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