Let Us Not Forget…The REAL Clinton Legacy

Most people forget the real Clinton Legacy that lurks behind all the love and light the Clintons love to pontificate as they go from talk show to news show, complaining about Hillary’s embarrassing loss last November.

Nineteen years ago today, Bill Clinton was Impeached by Congress for committing perjury during the Ken Starr investigation of his sexual predatory nature throughout his tenure in the White House. By not enforcing the entire process, this set up a harbinger of misdeeds and further unscrupulous folly perpetrated by the Clintons.

First, due to the Senate not having there wherewithal to finish the deal by removing him from office, in essence, created an undeserving martyr. To this day, his supporters like Barbra Streisand swear by him and continue to support and defend both Clintons as if all their criminality is nonexistent.

Second, the real crimes at the time, far exceeded sexual misconduct. The sex scandal was merely subterfuge, casting shadow on bigger ticket items. Much like the film, Wag the Dog, which ironically came out at the very same time, this whole ordeal was designed to keep Americans from concentrating on the real crime that lurked inside 1600. For example, the massive Clinton fire sale of our intellectual property to China.

Third, it allowed the Clintons two additional years in the White House to have the taxpayers pay for the creation of their money laundering outfit, now known as the Clinton Foundation. As many have learned over the last couple years, the Foundation was used for a pay-to-play scheme where foreign (sometimes hostile) agents donated money under the guise of philanthropy or paid speeches for the former president in order to curry favor with Senator and then Secretary of State. Quite a lucrative deal considering the Clintons amassed $145M+ profits from the various wheels and deals.

Additionally, their Foundation also profited many of their cronies (Crony Capitalism) in various schemes – think Haiti. Their various criminal activities are well-documented in Clinton Cash.

Fourth, the fact the Clintons were allowed to continue on in the presidency, we had the value add of having many criminals released from prison – namely Weathermen prophet Bill Ayers – the godfather of the Obama factor in years to follow. The post-Impeachment period also helped promote the rise of many unsavory¬† characters like now-disgraced ex-FBI Director James Comey, whom we’ve found out of late, conspired against Donald Trump – both as candidate and President – while providing cover for the Clinton Crime Family.

Perhaps it would be advantageous for people to investigate a bit deeper into these bits of history because many look completely foolish when they suggest the Clintons are somehow crusaders for the country. For people who don’t prescribe to strict ideologies, this history cannot be ignored.

The Clintons have continuously been given free passes for their crimes while others who’ve done much less, rot in jails was validated almost two decades ago. Reality dictates, this was the beginning of our justice system’s decay – a most unfortunately consequence of letting them go unscathed. Bill and Hillary Clinton perpetrated their crimes in earlier decades, they would likely be sent to the chair for their treason against America.

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