Just Remember: Collins, Mulkowski & McCain Are Exempt!

They’ve proven their incompetence and greed again and again — aren’t you ready for (and feel you deserve) a better deal than what we have in the Senate and Congress?

It’s something most Americans forget often when it comes to Obamacare. The Senate and Congress exempted themselves from the Universal Medicine gateway drug Obamacare. They aren’t subject to the bad medicine involved and can afford any premium because many have gotten rich keeping this unconstitutional measure in place.

Meaning, all that balderdash about repealing has been a lie to you, the American people! They voted for a repeal when they knew the sitting president wouldn’t sign it. It was all a smoke and mirror show designed to lead you into voting for more of their RINO buddies! Why? For power. The Republicans, no different from the Democrats, sought power in both Houses – nothing more! They don’t care about you or your family, they only care about themselves! Get it?

People like Susan Collins (R), Lisa Mulkowski (R) and John McCain (R) should be evicted from the Republican party as she clearly doesn’t embrace free market principles – the bedrock of Conservatism. Like so many in both Houses, RINOs permeate the halls.

These three derelicts voted against the Skinny Repeal (49-51) – a BS repeal which only handled the mandate. Therefore, they voted to continue fining Americans who choose not to participate and pay escalating premiums being extorted from us via the IRS. Yes, you read that right. They voted for Big Brother bully tactics we found so appalling in the original legislature – furthermore, is unconstitutional – regardless of what seemingly blackmailed Justice Roberts ruled.

Incidentally, McCain, had he been on Obamacare probably wouldn’t even be alive right now – but that’s an inconvenient fact he wants you, the voter, to ignore while he sticks you with this failing disaster that implodes with each day!

Maybe it’s time for President Trump, for the good of the People, to just executive order Obamacare out of existence being that the two Houses have failed to uphold what we want for the sake of their own self-interest and greed. It’s time for the Executive Branch to just eradicate the situation via his own special pen and call it a day. It’s clear those squatting on Capitol Hill are ineffectual and doing their own thing!

We need to take our country back, folks. The only way to do this is vote in better people to represent us in DC. That means a complete purge of the representation in the nation’s capitol without wasting any more time. We have been subject to this derelict government for way too long and they believe they’re the tail wagging the big dog.

Enough really is enough. It’s time to vote them out and keep them out of all politics by holding them accountable for their actions criminally and civilly. No one ever got rich as they are, working in public service so now is the time to start investigating the lawmakers and bringing them to justice.

As for the Obamacare thing, maybe it’s time we allowed the President to do everyone’s work because then it will get done for once!

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