Just Our Imagination or Something Bigger? The Shakening

Have you noticed that most of the conservative NeverTrump movement is made up of the reporters and pundits in the Jewish faith or is it just our imagination?

Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro

A few weeks ago, we published a video done where it was revealed that a deal was struck between Netanyahu and Clinton that should he help her get elected she would double the aid to Israel. Many scoffed it off as just hearsay, but is it? It seems seeing is believing…

Look at the host of usual suspects: Jamie Weinstein, Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Bill Kristol — see the NeverTrumpers that are ready to sell out America to globalism all because they simply don’t like Donald Trump? Seriously? Can a group of supposed intelligent people be that petty?

With the Supreme Court hanging in the balance along with US sovereignty and our Constitution, is this really what true conservatives would deem acceptable behavior?

How many times have you held your nose to vote for one of their ‘darling’ candidates, which turned out to be a huge bust on Election Day? Does McCain or Romney ring any bells?

It’s pretty obvious these guys are in the tank. They’ve sold their souls for some kind of mindless meme which has basically told the voting public, their opinions don’t count in the political pundit world. Most disturbing is Mark Levin – a constitutional lawyer who has been angry with our government for subverting the Constitution has been in and out of NeverTrumpdom for months now. His dyslexic love/hate for Trump has been splattered all over the headlines on Breitbart News. Is he ready to just trash the Constitution to make some kind of idiotic statement?

Bill Kristol
Bill Kristol

Pretty sad to think these media pundits seem to feel their decision should be the deciding choice.

Apparently, Donald Trump has hit a nerve in America — probably the fact that for once in a seriously long time, he’s the candidate that knows the job he’s applying for and who he would be working for… and it’s not any DC elite class! He is a candidate for the people.

I’ll defer to you to weigh in on your opinion but to me, it just seems a bit sketchy this whole NeverTrump nonsense. If they truly loved America and enjoyed the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, it would stand to reason they would put their personality differences aside and do what’s right for the whole country as opposed to trying to coerce people into believing they’re right — or wrong.

Furthermore, just a clue, these people all backed Ted Cruz — Heidi Cruz was one of the architects of the North American Union where Mexico, Canada and America would merge into one – much like the European Union – thus, US sovereignty would be no more. Yes, the Constitution would go right along with it — Cruz, the man known for being a staunch constitutionalist, backs globalization of America.

Here is the video again from Victurus Libertas! If you watch it all, it discusses the Jewish Media against Trump!

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