Just Imagine…Would you want to be President Trump?

Can you imagine being Donald J. Trump now?

He’s been vindicated of any wrongdoing, told three times he was never investigated for any collusion and now, after his arch nemesis came out and admitted this, the Media still hounds him and claims he’s committed some fantasy crime – evidence of severe Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

And we wonder why regular citizens don’t generally run for elected offices in DC – much less the presidency?

Frankly, we should thank our lucky stripes and stars for people like Donald Trump who’ve braved the storm (and constant abuse) to make our country great again. He could’ve moved anywhere in the world, even Japan, once things got crazy here, but he chose to tough it out and do something about it! And now, he’s being punished for being a good patriot – a good citizen!

What political elites on both sides of the aisle and the Media are doing is nothing short of abuse. They are abusing their positions to forward fake news and balderdash. They abuse President Trump continuously with their barrage of lies. It’s a clear case of corrupt and abuse unlike we’ve ever seen in our history, yet they claim Trump is Nixon? Perhaps they should look into the mirror for any Watergate references.

The Media doesn’t appear to understand, Comey sold them out – exposed they’ve been forwarding fake news for months against the President; hence, proving him right once again. Will they ever learn? I’m afraid their unadulterated hatred towards our legally-elected President has tainted or caused their senses to take a permanent vacation. Their rage against the machine – while insidious and nonsensical – is a symptom of this deep-seated loathing towards someone they cannot control or bully from their pulpits. That’s the real deal!

People like idiots Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Morning Joe with his dense sidekick, can’t seem to let it go themselves. They are hell bent on trying to out him from office. The more they yammer, the more steadfast Trump’s support grows and solidifies among the American people. They have made him the ultimate underdog – not understanding Americans always root for the underdogs and those whom we see as unjustly chastised and persecuted. It’s just how we roll.

The hypocrisy is, up until he entered the election in June 2015, many of these folks basked in Trump yuuge light, clamoring for time with him and, with politicians, had no problem taking contributions for their own campaigns and pet projects. Look at Al Sharpton for a wonderful example of suck-up USA when it came to his involvement with Trump prior to his presidential run. All of the sudden, Trump who’d donated undisclosed amounts of money to Sharpton’s love projects, was a racist who would “deport” him.

The Liberals in America along with their little media lapdogs have proven themselves with less morals the a 42nd Street whore in this situation. They continue to push fake news even after it’s been debunked, thus, continuing to spiral down into irrelevancy.

The truth is they have lied to you. Most of those same people – especially those in the Senate and Congress – by Comey’s testimony knew in January that Trump was not under investigation but they continued to forward a lie to the American people. So, as you can see, it was not just James Comey who blatantly lied to you; the Media and your own representatives lied to you by omission in order to marginalize the president you voted for all because they don’t want to do the job you want done.


They also just hate Trump. Why? Because he was an average citizen who dared to run for the presidency and actually won; without anything they could blackmail him with to get him lockstep in the DC way.

I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but if you do, Mr. Trump, thank you for service! You’re doing a great job in spite of all the rubbish swirling around you. Thank you!

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