Historical Moment in the Making?

As most of you know, yesterday was a big moment for the Supreme Court and the Trump Administration with much of the travel ban being reinstated but the move meant much more to Americans.

Throughout the years, our laws and Constitution have been victimized by unelected people within our government, but none so lethal as those sitting on the bench with lifetime appointments. For decades, jurists have run rough shod over our governance by imposing rulings like what just happened in the 9th and 4th district; Liberals have used this system to impose laws and social mores we’ve never voted for nor would if it were put to the public for a vote.

Judicial activism has provided Liberals an avenue to ram ridiculous fodder on the America people like bathroom debates and other such nonsense for which the Federal government was never designed to oversee in the first place. Yesterday, the Supreme Court sent out a very clear message these blatant attempts to circumvent our President and blurring the power separation would not be tolerated.

It was believed the high court wouldn’t be entertaining this case at all until fall; however, in a surprising opinion penned by Justice Clarence Thomas in concurrence with Justices Alito and Gorsuch, most of the nefarious political-driven lower court decision was overturned; thus, giving back the Executive Branch it’s powers as per the US Constitution. This move clearly outlined an intolerance of this type of judicial overreach while re-establishing the once present separations of power our country was founded on through careful study.

The stunning decision was 9-0, which included the justices known for their liberal leanings in prior rulings, demonstrates their desire to preserve our jurisprudence as a way to enforce law, not create it or make it subject to the whim of the day. It was a pleasant surprise and hopefully, a movement towards returning to our governance as put forth by the country’s framers.

Could the high court’s justices be sending a curt message to the lower courts to start following the Constitution instead of this continual engagement in Liberal politics? It would seem by the opinion, their tolerance for such actions is coming to an abrupt end. This is not good news for the judicial activists throughout America but very good for citizens who are victimized all too often by such fodder.

Should President Trump entertain abolishing and/or restructure these lower circuits as a result of these truculent politically-charged rulings? No doubt this would cause a storm in an already-divide public forum; however, some have flagrantly abused their positions to the point where it put our lives in danger for the sake of politics.

It’s not an unprecedented move as Thomas Jefferson did in 1803 after he saw judges abusing their positions and thwarting the executive workings of our federal government. Perhaps it’s time for such a brazen action to occur, especially in regards to the 9th due to their 90% overturn rate.

Just something to think about…

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