JUDICIAL ACTIVISM: Endangering Your Life for Politics

President Trump signed an immigration pause last Saturday, and since then, judges on the Federal Courts have challenged his legal and constitutional executive order, while putting everyone at risk. Why? Simple. Judicial Activism.

Judge Robart from Washington state being the last to perform judicial malfeasance against the citizenry by placing a ban on this executive order, is just one of a few whom deemed American lives are nt worth the inconvenience of a few non-citizens. Where does this come from? And just who gave these jurists the right to endanger our lives without any lawful or case law precedent to back up their rulings? No one.

Judicial Activism is something that is usually practiced by liberals and one of the reasons why Honorable Neil Gorsuch is a welcomed candidate for the Supreme Court. In his statements last Tuesday, he spoke out against judicial activism because it’s an attempt to legislate fro the bench, which is highly inappropriate and out of judicial purvey. Yet many judges feel it’s their right to let their personal politics erode their ability to uphold our laws and US Constitution.

The fact is this: in the US Code, it clearly states that presidents are allowed to make judgment calls about whom is let into America based on their threat to our national security. The choice should be a no-brainer and also respected by the jurists throughout our country as they have a sworn duty to uphold our laws not make them. Furthermore, the don’t have the clearance level to hear the intel learned from our various industries as national security is top secret, requiring sometimes the highest clearance to be viewed. (We all should’ve learned this with the Clinton fiasco over the summer.)

It is refreshing to see as per the statement issued by Press Secretary Sean Spicer last night, the Trump Administration is not going to backdown from this fight and will keeping championing Americans’ safety and well-being. The sad bit about this situation is that it will unjustly cost more taxpayer money to defend; a fruitless effort wasting yet more money that could be used to grow our economy or revamp our infrastructure rather than cleaning up the mess left by unscrupulous jurists who have no place wearing a black robe or sitting on a bench!

Historically, several presidents have followed this code: 8 U.S. Code § 1182. The list is frankly too long to list here; however, most memorable was when President Carter gave Iranians holding visas in 1978, twenty-four hours to get of the US after dissidents overtook our embassy in Iran and took many hostage. He wasn’t picketed, protested or judicially challenged for his decision. People simply packed up and left as per the order. Additionally, every president since has also done such bans. Obama did 19 of these bans, being the president with the most bands since Carter.

The is a miscarriage as well as judicial abuse of our jurisprudence. Judges are not in the position to usurp or code of law nor are they in a position to directly challenge our Commander in Chief’s executive responsibility when it comes to our safety.

The Law is Reason Free from Passion — Aristotle.

If you look throughout our history, even executive order 9066 by President Roosevelt wasn’t challenged, even though it was against Japanese Americans – legal citizens – when their interment was a violation of their right to due process during the Second World War.

The problem now is, President Trump is a mere commoner to most political elites. Never mind the fact he has more foreign experience than Hillary Clinton or Obama due to his international corporation, which he ran for over three decades. He has been cast as some kind of novice by malcontents like Lindsey Graham and John McCain, whom neither one has had the experiences he possess from his decades of dealing with foreign diplomats.

The law doesn’t have warm fuzzy social justice warrior cries, it is devoid of any feelings at all. Yet, the judges like Robart and Donnelly in Brooklyn, are using it as such.

Should these judges be held accountable – both civilly and criminally – for any damage that may come from their irresponsible and illegal actions?

Perhaps its time for us to revisit limits on judicial powers because its clear they don’t seem to understand the framework of the US Constitution nor know their place within the fabric of our governance. Judicial Activism should be grounds for dismissal from the bench as well as disbarment to prevent them from practicing law – as they’ve proven by utilizing such tactics to have no respect for the Law in the first place.

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