JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY: Is Andrew Rolling in his Grave?

Ever since the Syrian airstrike, once again, a pattern emerges often missed on the casual news observer. We saw it happen with Benghazi and before that, with 9/11. It’s called the “Changing the Narrative.” This often occurs as new facts are revealed; however, in some cases, we are purposefully misinformed via Fake News Media to ‘think’ something that simply is not truth. This isn’t an accident; done by design to evoke a desired emotion and get everyone ginned up.

Yes, it’s a disinformation trick we’ve all witnessed; however, it occurs with a bit of distance between the event and narrative change. However, with last Thursday night’s attack, it didn’t take Breitbart News long to change narratives and try to refute important statements, namely issued by the Pentagon within hours, if not, minutes!

On the evening of the strike, Fox News, Fox Business and the next morning, Fox & Friends all got solid confirmation from the Pentagon that Russia was forewarned of the Syrian attack in retaliation of the chemical warfare waged against its own citizenry. Reporters even went so far to say, before the strike, the Russians got out of the area!

Yet even with other outlets confirming one narrative, Breitbart stunningly states Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, “Russia had no warning…” Hence, Change Narrative.

Its bad enough we’ve come to expect these shenanigans from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Politico, Huffington Post, the Washington Post and even Fox in a lot of cases, but now Breitbart? Has the once rebel news source led by Fake News opponent Andrew Breitbart fallen into the Fake News Media category? It would seem so…

It is no secret that since his death, Breitbart has gone through some major changes in their personnel and focus.

With Stephen Bannon jumping ship to work with President Trump, the outlet has gone through a multitude of changes – which not all have been positive. Quietly, over the last year, many writers have left them for other companies. Ben Shapiro made a swift exit when hoaxer Michelle Fields falsely accused Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, of man-handling her when she stormed Trump after a press conference in Florida. Other have left due to disagreements on Donald Trump and the outlet’s coverage of his primary run.

Did their successes got to their collective head? Have they been bought out by some unknown Deep State Globalist, bent on shaping our news into what they want it to be rather than based in reality? It would seem something has morphed as they are now nothing close to what it was when its founder was at the helm. If anything, they’ve joined the Fox News Network in giving quasi-news mixed in with Conservative Bait to keep the original readers placated enough to stay.

Do we now have to second guess any news we get from Breitbart, too? As it would seem, it appears so…

Whose next to fall into the abyss of Fake News?

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