Jim Crow – Alive & Well in the RNC & DNC!

A few weeks back, I published a commentary discussing Jim Crow and Hillary Clinton’s misuse of the term when speaking to her rallies about states wanting to implement Voter ID during elections. While obviously, she was using a sore spot in America’s history to her own end by duplicitous means, her misuse can hardly take away the real Jim Crow being exercised by the Republican National Committee’s state chapters such as Colorado, Indiana and Wyoming.  This is designed to enforce the will of the establishment rather than the will of the people.

Last Saturday, 1.1 Million voters were completely cut out of the primary process through a rule created in August 2015 after Trump’s popularity overcame the typical punchline and into a realm of reality. The RNC, headed by Reince Priebus, has long been ensconced in the DC elite class, pandering to donors and special interest groups, enjoyed a comfortable status quo nominee system that produced nauseating candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney over the last eight years. Due to the fact that neither won their ultimate presidential bids in spite of Obama’s untried governance and questionable background, bodes unfavorably as to how both were not even palpable to Republicans much less to Independents and crossover Democrats whom harbored proclivities for the man from nowhere.

With this election, business as usual has proved to expose the ‘rules’ and the myth of voters’ rights. It has torn away any veneer of good will between the RNC and the voting public, thus, shredding a relationship. Let me ask, is it really a party when there are no voters to make a said party exist?

The reason I say Jim Crow exists now is the fact that when this horrible schema was in the South (and the North,) many black voters were disenfranchised through ridiculous poll taxes and ‘tests’ where many whom were illiterate had no chance of passing. Unlike the era where a guise was proffered, the blatant disenfranchisement and apathy as to the voters’ will is more prevalent and explicit than even in the Jim Crow era.

While the RNC states these are the rules they have used since the 1800s, any lawyer worth his/her grain of salt knows about the Voting Rights Act of 1965, signed into law by Lyndon Johnson, giving ALL people the RIGHT to vote. This is a Federal Law – and from what I’ve always been told, Federal circumvents State laws – and it applies to RNC rules as well. With this, my hope is that the voters of the three states above will band together to legally challenge the egregious actions of the RNC because this goes well beyond Trump. It is now a matter of the People v. the Establishment of career politicians. It is a fight for the perseverance of our Democracy as this clearly exposes the Banana Republic underbelly of our fractured and heavily flawed election process where buying off delegates is king and the people’s will is ignored? It certainly is. Unfortunately, we can no longer sit back and sell our collective soul to the highest bidder as we’ve done in the past. Our History is what’s led us to this point in time.

While some are so excited because their candidate won, what does it say about Ted Cruz, who states he is a Constitutionalist and an outsider, whom now exploits the establishment system to secure a nomination that he now is not mathematically entitled to? And what does this say about his stance on voters’ right to vote – which is the only voice a voter really have? Doesn’t look good. Many Cruz people have jumped off his ship and moved over to Trump’s Train as a result.

UPDATE: I have added this video to explain the situation on the Trump/Cruz side so that people can gain a better understanding about the abuse of the rules. Paul Manafort is Trump’s newest addition to the camp. He is a veteran campaign operative whom cut his teeth in the early days of Reagan’s bids for the White House. In fact, he even goes so far to say there are many similarities between Reagan and Trump’s troublesome paths.

On the Democrat side, all the Sanders voters are being disenfranchised by the Super Delegates, which are all in the tank for Clinton. In fact, the mainstream media has made it no secret she had these delegates long before Iowa. Hence, no matter how many states Bernie wins in a row, she still mathematically trumps his wins with her delegate count. She lost in New Hampshire yet came out with the same delegate number as Bernie who won by a resounding amount.

This is not a partisan thing. The Big Steal  is real on both sides of the political party fence. We the People are being ignored or edged out of the process altogether. Both Right and Left voters have to take stock and realize this affects EVERY voter not just the ones on the wrong side of the curve.

What do YOU think about having your right to vote being circumvented by the dubious shenanigans of both the Democrat and Republican machines? We now have a system of taxation WITHOUT representation as in 1776. Our voices do not even count – swept away under some meme about rules while the donor class dictates how we live, spend our money, and work in our own country.

Remember, when you celebrate the violation of one person’s right, you are in fact, accepting the loss of your own right of the same.

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