It’s All In The Family: Trump Style

We knew Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr from Trump’s hit show, The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. They were the overseers of many projects on both shows, but seldom did they discuss anything than the matters at hand. They were household names, yet they remained an enigma to many watching the weekly contests as celebrities and everyday people vied for the big finale.

During this week’s RNC Convention, we’ve had a glimpse into the personal life of Donald J. Trump. From his children’s view, we learned about his hard work ethic and strong moral character. While the MSM continues to accentuate much more negatives than positives, the Trump Children have persevered to provide voters and delegates why their support for their father is well earned.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Ivanka explained it was hard to hear so much negativity about her father because she knew him on a personal level. However, before he announced his candidacy, he did warn them that things could get very ugly on the campaign trail — especially in a general election. Rest assured the Clinton Machine, knowing (and probably being more than a bit jealous of his fame and popularity) would be nasty and downright dishonest, Trump braced his family for the worse case scenarios. Knowing their father’s resolve and determination to set America straight again, they knew they would be in the cross hairs and took on the challenge with their father.

To their accolades, they have weathered the storm brilliantly and rose above all the rubbish, still staunchly supporting their hero — DAD.

On Tuesday night, Donald J. Trump, Jr. discussed his upbringing that coalesced a lot of love and values not only instilled upon him by his parents but hardworking men and women within the Trump Organization. He talks about “…not learning from MBAs but people who had a Doctorate in Common Sense…” as the bedrock of his character.

On Wednesday night, Tiffany Trump discussed her father’s love and devotion to her family and the fact that her father’s resolve is unshakable. Later in the night, Eric Trump talked of his father’s hard work but also the moral compass instilled on himself and his siblings.

On Thursday, Ivanka discusses her father’s business prowess and, once again, the strong work ethics he instilled in all of his children.

The only Trump child missing is Baron, but no doubt, had he spoke for his father, the message would resonate the same honest decency and hardworking ethics his siblings speak about with pride.

Found within their speeches is all attest to their father’s view that nothing is impossible as well as, unlike many billionaires’ children, they were raised to work hard and the value of the dollar.

We could all stand to be a Trump Kid, as we need to learn those morals and integrity as well. Too many of our society basks themselves in luxury while fighting to obtain and maintain entitlements. Hard Work and Truth to Oneself seem the general theme of all the speeches.

This tight-knit family will surely be put through the test as their father now enters the General Election. My only hope is they remain as happy in November as they are in this image!

To all the naysayers and doubters, how can a man be all the horrible things he’s been accused when he’s raised four adults to be productive members of society? In reality, he can’t. And those believing all the MSM and Liberal hyperbole are ridiculously ignorant to be believe otherwise.

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