It’s About to Get Real…

By Thornton Crowe

Last week, we discussed the GOP implementing a Jim Crow tactic by disenfranchising voters from Colorado and Wyoming without one vote being cast yet pledging delegates to Cruz. Well, as the week began on Tuesday with a huge win for Donald Trump in his home state, New York, the tide has changed considerably.

151214104316-trump-cruz-split-1214-large-169As many of you know, RNC Chair Reince Priebus, at a meeting in Florida, called out the #NeverTrump group and chastised them as well as called out the Trump campaign to stop with the heated rhetoric. The Rules committee for the Convention has now decided they will not be changing or altering any rules. What’s interesting about this turn is that they were within their purvey to make changes as they do before most major election conventions; however, due to the strong backlash, it seems they have had a change [sic] of heart.

Interestingly enough among all the high brow talk and rhetoric, the Gateway Pundit published a story Friday about a watchdog group in Florida have now filed a lawsuit against the GOP and Priebus for allowing Cruz delegate ‘stealing’ over the last couple of weeks. As I predicted months ago, voters would get to the point where they were so disenfranchised and angry by the establishment seeking to tell them who they should support, lawsuits would surely be filed over the nefarious activities.

Some examples, delegates getting favors, travel, pretty much anything they want short of money from candidates who seek their support. Cruz has been playing that game footloose and fancy free. Cruz’s supporters are happily reveling but, like I said last week, when you revel in one person’s loss of a right, you are, in essence, accepting your own forfeiture of same right.

static2.politico.comWe shall see what happens as we go to the polls this Tuesday where Trump holds a healthy lead against his contenders along with the other states voting, which are as follows: Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Delaware. Everyone expects the Trump Camp will have another very good Tuesday.

Many speculate this will be a nail-biting fight all the way down to the California wire on June 7th. Paul Manafort, Trump’s Convention Manager, versed in political delegates since the 1976 when Reagan ran a bid against incumbent, Gerald Ford, stated that while they need some in California, he’s confident they will have the 1237 delegates. He plainly states to Sean Hannity last week during the post-election wrap-up, “There will be no second ballot.”

Manafort on Sean Hannity on Colorado

Do you think given the fact that John Kasich and Ted Cruz are mathematically out quit now or continue on? Do you think this will cause the GOP to step back and take stock after the General Election?

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