It Didn’t Happen Overnight…

It took three Attorney Generals who failed America to quash the respect and trust Americans had in the Department of Justice – hardly an overnight process.

First we had Obama’s Eric Holder, a man whose past was literally permeated in controversy – from the Columbia University violent takeover in the Seventies to his many questionable cases throughout his law career. Hardly a reputable man but got his job because who would dare buck a president where everything he did got a free pass because of his race.

During Holder’s time, he participated in various odious affairs like Fast and Furious, which proved to us, the DOJ was politicized and nothing more than a muscle strong arm of a derelict administration. Not the stuff integrity, honor or law-abiding situations are made of and hardly noble.

Now, the discredited former AG is now providing legal services to California in their attempt to skirt our federal immigration laws. His hefty salary is hardly warranted considering his dubious past and his failure to uphold our laws and bring to justice people who should’ve been in prison almost a decade ago!

Second we had Loretta Lynch under the same president. Her idea of Justice was try to usurp the Constitution at every turn and even went so far as to meet Bill Clinton on a private jet in Phoenix, days before his wife was allegedly questioned by the FBI. Hardly clandestine when captured by a resourceful news reporter who went against Secret Service warnings and leaked the whole affair.

Once again, she’s far from being honorable and dedicated to our Rule of Law. Instead, she demonstrated the personification of corruption. She also illustrated to us how the two-tier legal system works, making sure Hillary Clinton wasn’t brought to justice regardless of what investigations found.

Conveniently, while she holds absolute disdain for our Constitution, she hides behind the 5th Amendment to avoid answering questions that would self incriminate. Her hypocrisy is so placid, it leaves little to the imagination regarding her blatant lawbreaking activities. And this coming from a person we are supposed to trust to uphold our Law?

Her faithful sidekick, James Comey, terminated FBI director drove the corruption home with his admission of leaking classified information (a most illegal act) while feigning some upset regarding Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. In reality, Comey was probably one of the chief leakers all along — and only further damned not only the DOJ but also the FBI.

Now we have Jeff Sessions – a man so inert, he makes turtles look like speed demons. He has managed to recuse himself from his entire job and still wants to keep his gig even though his boss has publicly stated he has lost confidence in his ability to uphold our laws. Why would Sessions even want to stay? If he loved America as much as he’s claimed to, he would step down but he shows his love is a fake by staying put.

If anything, Sessions has proven that bad Attorney Generals are on both sides of the aisle – that it’s not just a Democrat thing! His recusing himself was unnecessary but it would seem a plot to not do his job once in office. Another do-nothing politician who has only put the final nail coffin in Americans’ trust in the once highly esteemed department within our government structure. Without them, DC is truly a cesspool left unchecked.

There is the chain towards the loss of trust in the DOJ and it doesn’t look like it will be restored any time soon. Therefore, when the Justice Department issues statements about prosecuting leakers and such, no one takes them seriously. Why? Because the question comes forth:

Are you going to go after leakers like you went after Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Susan Rice, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, James Brennan, et. al?

If so, we all know where those fruitless investigations will lead — in spite of any lawbreaking activity they will find, they’ll simply ignore it and move on.

If you look at them closely, they’re certainly peas of the same pod and quite a surly bunch of judicial activists and misfits who loved the power their position afforded them more than America’s Rule of Law. Each of them have broken their oaths of office and have cheated Americans out of the justice they deserve from people who have done nothing but bring harm and embarrassment to our beloved country.

It’s really a shame we can’t have any trust or respect in our ultimate law enforcement agencies. We’ve lost the Rule of Law in America, which has led to complete corruption and lawlessness. All things the Founding Fathers warned us about should government gain more credence than the people they are supposed to serve and represent.

We are now living those dead white guys’ worst nightmare – and it only took 240 years to get here.

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