Is This Really How You Win An Election?

By Thornton Crowe

Watching some of the morning news, the clips of various candidates; namely Clinton and Sanders — I see nothing but bashing Trump rather than talking to audiences about their own values and platforms. Is this really how you win elections? Bashing the opponent yet offering no ideas to the people?

In Clinton’s so-called Foreign Policy Speech last week, she said Trump’s name an alarming 56 times in an hour. That’s once every minute. Very little was learned about her stance – not that we don’t know already know her idea of foreign policy is everything America is for sale to the highest bidder!

With everything wrong in this country right now, why are candidates too busy bashing one another rather than offering us real solutions? Trump has outlined his platform on his website and he talks more about them in his speeches than the other two, but he also bashes relentlessly. While I am a staunch supporter, I also have a grasp on the point that Americans need to hear his message rather than concentrate on Sanders. Clinton’s failed history is so placid and obvious it’s pathetic she gets any votes at all. She’s a criminal. A known criminal.

clintonsanders2Listening to Sanders is nauseating because he constantly Trump bashes as if he’s even in an election with him. It’s a shame he couldn’t have that same fervor for Clinton’s record in his campaign, he might sway more people to his camp. Instead, he should be say, “We can’t let a known criminal get a shot at the White House again.” He still has failed to secure the delegates needed to be declared the DNC nominee, so why is he on Trump’s case? He’s not running against Trump – he’s running (still) against the criminal candidate.

People are well aware of Clinton’s downfall and seriously flawed character (if she has one at all…) Some voters just choose to ignore the lies they’ve fed since the email scandal broke. She is so exposed. So, why do some ignore it? Because of ideology. Pure and simple.

We need to get America back online. We need jobs, a robust economy, people being able to purchase daily living things as well as maintain a decent standard of living. We need to stop letting other countries step all over us and then turn back around, looking to us to underwrite their country’s safety. We need to rebuild our military. We need to dial back Obamacare – a plan that has destroyed the wonderful healthcare we had in this country before it’s implementation. We need a lot of things, but the last thing we need is to listen to candidates yelling and screaming about their opponents.

As a voter, I want ANSWERS not BS. I want a president who is a doer not a talker. It’s really that simple.

As long as the salacious headlines forge a bond between mudslinging and elections, we are stuck in the middle of the mud battles – with the mud thrown in our eyes daily. Is this what we have to look forward to until November? Will the entire autumn be marred by hate ads rather than finding out what will work in America?

I guess only time will tell.

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