Is the Media Committing a Crime against American Voters?

It’s no secret the Mainstream Media has been going after Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump with a vengeance since the beginning of the Primary Season. As we learned from the #DNCLeaks in July, much of their anti-Trump banter was in collusion with the Democratic National Committee.

We all saw from various emails between Debbie Wassermann Schultz and NBC’s Chuck Todd about the Morning Joe Show where there was definite collusion occurring between them regarding Bernie Saunders as well as Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal. On Twitter, there’s even been graphs denoting the difference between Clinton’s criminality being covered in the Media verses every word out of Trump’s mouth – and Trump is demonized far more often and for far less than any Clinton scrutiny by the Media.

In recent polls, the MSM has only 3% of the voters believing their stories as truth. Therefore, It should come as no surprise that the MSM has also been some of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors.

Everyone knows the definition of fraud means to trick or deceive; however, there’s many different forms of fraud. While looking into some legal terms for another article, I came across and interesting find. The term: Fraud in the Inducement.

As you can see by the image – a screenshot from the online legal dictionary, you’ll see I highlighted the high points as the examples used are generally for Real Estate Law. However, law is law and there are always terms that cross-reference between the different genres.

Fraud is a serious criminal as well as a civil infraction. It is punishable by fine and/or imprisonment for criminal and high judgments for civil actions. It entails the willful and purposeful intention on the perpetrator to mislead and deceive.

Is this not what the folks at CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, the Washington Post, Daily News, Reuters, Politico, The Hill and New York Times been doing since Trump announced his intentions in June of 2015?

While their are others like the Wall Street Journal and Money whom have skewed stories and polls, they haven’t been near as toxic as the ones listed above. Fact is, in many respects, they have further legitimized the National Enquirer.

Unlike political specific shows like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Chris Matthews, the MSM poses itself as dealers of NEWS not opinions. This is a misrepresentation because while they’re fixing polls by weighting more Democrat than Republicans – which will almost always lead to the Democrat showing a higher percentage — they’re no longer dealing in News. That’s termed “Propaganda” — designed to deceive and misrepresent. This is not free speech, this is a form a coercion and undue influence over voters.

Remember back in 2012, a lot of people watching Fox News believed up until the it became obvious, Romney was winning. Perhaps some folks stayed home, thinking Romney had it ‘in the bag.’ It happens. Fox was complicit in this false narrative. In fact, Dick Morris has been demonstratively missing since that election because he was one of Romney’s biggest ‘cheerleaders’ at the time.

Some evidence to this is the various images of Trump rallies verses Hillary Clinton’s rallies. The polls don’t come close to matching with what our eyes tell us. See the image for an example. As you can clearly see, the idea there is a tie in the polls as of this last weekend is preposterous to even contemplate, given that his rallies are filled with thousands upon thousands and Clinton can’t even fill school gymnasiums. Additionally, when you watch these rallies on television, they appear to both be full; however, this is clever and creative camera angling that every good cameraman knows how to achieve. It’s like the big cheat a la Hollywood style.

On September 3rd, an article surfaced on the Conservative Treehouse and then throughout other sources, where people found out Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch actually instructed the first debate team (Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace) to take ‘out’ Trump during the RNC Primary debate. Impartial? Absolutely not, but it certainly was foreshadowing of what we now experience in the general election.

The Washington Post has an army of reporters only investigating Trump to dig up dirt — and have been called out many times for penning articles that were completely falsified in order to meet their liberal leanings. This coming from a newspaper that blew open the whole Watergate situation in 1972.

The Media has made much to do about Trump’s taxes even though he filed detailed financials with the Federal Election Commission when registering his candidacy. These reports give a concise, nutshell of his financials, unlike a four-thousand-page tax return that’s larger than the Obamacare Bill, which would take literally months to pour through. However, after Mitt Romney’s ridiculous Harry Reid-style trick to protect establishment candidates, the Media has held onto this like it was the all-telling document – smoking gun moment. Yet, conversely, they have no desire to see Clinton’s emails or care that she destroyed 30,000+ of them using the BleachBit software where, as Trey Gowdy put it, “Even God couldn’t recover them;” not to mention the Clinton Foundation’s quid pro quo scheme.

If anything, with regards to Clinton, they have attempted to ‘normalize‘ corruption and criminality within our government. This is flat out atrocious behavior, especially coming from people who are supposedly about truth and keeping the government HONEST!

You remember this from the New Hampshire primary as well – could the Fox News people look anymore dower as they watched Trump win his first primary?

Unfortunately for them, the public is getting wise to this ruse by the day and should enough come together to incite a class action of defrauding the American public, the MSM may be looking at some serious trouble. Not only has the MSM lost their credibility as journalists (for lack of journalistic integrity) they may have set themselves up for a massive fall. Fact: The law is the law.

Given the magnitude of a possible judgment a jury could award — which no doubt, a class action such as this would prey for a jury trial — this could point the Media conglomerates into a massive bankruptcy.

On a personal level, Trump, like Hawk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea), could also go after them for slander. Should he lose and evidence is gained by interviewing voters finds they were swayed by their fraudulent articles and polls, this could result in another massive judgment. See Bollea v. Gawker. Gawker actually went bankrupt for his slander lawsuit judgment when he was awarded a staggering amount of money.

You have to be more and more vigilant now days about gathering the facts because much of the agents above have been proven ill-fit to be delivering facts. They’re peddling a establishment driven narrative, sanctioned by those who’d rather have Globalism through Multi-multiculturalism (which is an unmitigated disaster in Europe) than Nationalism in America. Additionally, the Media (along with Clinton) has demonized and vilified Trump’s supporters – a vast number of American citizens whom want a better life and make America first. Hence, they have also attempted to label the public as infantile, insidious misfits of irredeemable deplorables.

Is this wise? It could result in a massive backlash unlike we’ve ever seen in US History!

The question of the day is: Should Americans contemplate suing the Mainstream Media? It might be the way to get the journalism back to it’s roots, based in journalistic integrity and honest reporting of news rather than personal attacks and smear hits masquerading as news.

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