Is the Left Crumbling?

They say the harder they fight, the harder they fall… could it not be said with the Left continuing their jaunts of fighting their vicious but fictitious battles, they are demonstrating how their position is falling faster from public grace?

Today’s Silent Majority in Action!

It’s true, we’ve seen their many narratives die on the vine over the previous months. It’s been dying for years but the death was slow and methodical as they creeped more and more into Americans’ businesses, living rooms and bedrooms, dictating their whimsical balderdash of social justice and politically correct dictums. However, in recent months, with Donald Trump leading the charge, their SJW/PC world has come crumbling down around their ears to the point the in-fighting is almost comical to witness.

With their stunning loss in GA06 after believing their boy-toy candidate would win the day, many Democrats now turn their venom on the Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, claiming she is unfit to continue leading their party to victory. Really?

In defense of Ms. Pelosi (if I dare) she has hardly changed her spots. While she may be losing her mind, not remembering who the president is half the time, the woman has not deviated from her long-held stances and belief systems. Perhaps its because now, it’s the voters who’ve changed; not Ms. Pelosi… This is something the Democrats will not be able to control as more and more silent majority people become vocal against their so-called resistance.

Feminist March circa 1968 – Same message, different decade

It’s not that difficult to ascertain, and it doesn’t come without historical merit. Yes, this is not the first time ‘progressivism’ has overstepped it’s boundaries in our country’s history. Prohibition is a brilliant example of such fodder causing social backlash. In fact, the era produced one of the biggest crime syndicates in the world – the Italian Mafia. It legitimized the need for organized crime; thus, causing Americans to rear up and take aim at social policies the collective whole didn’t find amusing nor palpable.

Furthermore, the protesters for the Liberals are grating everyone’s last nerve much like what occurred in 1968 when they lost to Richard Nixon. His “Silent Majority” cast their votes for law and order – not hippies and free love with all the Feminists and other sub-fringe looking for handouts and special treatment. The protests against Vietnam only spurred more disdain for the Left than the war and ended up costing them big collateral. One would think David Brock and his buddy, George Soros would understand the intricacies of our history because they’re repeating it beautifully!

The Media seems to forget or disregard this history as it moves forward with debunked narratives and fake news pander to the masses. However, unlike before, most savvy Americans are simply not buying their framing. They reject their premises and rebuke their idiocy in stunning ways. From boycotts to hate mail, many are lashing back at the press in ways one can only construed as a public fed up with the talk down from the Left.

Russian Dressing Agent, Hillary Clinton being Jane Cool while blatantly breaking the law!

It cannot be underscored enough the Democrats follies have landed them in a precarious position as we move to 2018 already. The midterm elections are always good indicators of the country’s mood and many, including GOP establishment types, should be forewarned of the Swamp Draining voters who are eager to pull levers for those they don’t see as getting the President’s way.

We voted for his agenda; not Paul Ryan’s or even Rand Paul’s. Hence, there is a moving sentiment that’s gathering steam as the months roll by with fake Russian Dressing investigations while ignoring the big four ticket items: Jobs. Healthcare. Border Wall. Tax Reform.

Should the DC puddle jumpers care to continue to have their cushy Washington Monument view, they would be well tasked to get down to the People’s business instead of running after the illusive imaginary KGB agents they claim have overtaken our Capitol.

From where many stand, the only Russian Dressing agents during the last election were: Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, Robby Mook and Obama. But, hey, what do we know? We’re just the masses finally paying attention.


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