Russian Dressing Stories Coming Back to Haunt Democrats?

We’ve all heard the rubbish about Russians influencing our last election from the Democrats to the point where most are frankly sick of them. The stories keep getting smaller and smaller as they continue to attempt to create their fabricated ruse to deceive American voters simply because they can’t come to grips with their massive election losses. Democrats have lost their power in the public sentiment as they continue to traverse down this road of nothing burgers and nonsensical balderdash – yet, they keep moving forward with their insanity. The question is, why?

Do they honestly think Americans are going to jump shark with them? Perhaps the loony toons will but, on the whole, most see through the subterfuge and have now gained a type of apathy towards it all. Peter and the Wolf ring any bells?

We all learned through Peter Schweizer in Clinton Cash of the many dealings with Russian government officials on the part of Bill and Hillary Clinton while she served as Secretary of State. The Uranium One deal was a staggering loss for America as Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to Russia, pocketing millions upon millions posed as donations and speaking fees for Bil. However, the Democrats don’t seem at all concerned about this inconvenient truth. In fact, would it surprise anyone if we eventually find out that they along with GOPe Russian cryers made big money off that deal, too?

Look at Adam Schiff (CA-D) who has been yammering endlessly about the Russian Dressing – he had a campaign fundraiser given by a notorious Ukrainian businessman back in 2008. Yes, he received money from the workings of an agent trying to influence an election. Money is never given without expectations – especially in regards to politicians – so, is it safe to assume Schiff is merely pointing his fingers at actions (non-actions in the Trump case) of things he’s engaged. Perhaps he’s the one who set the blueprint.

The problem with his situation to Americans is this is a direct violation of Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules forbidding foreign contributions to any American politician engaged in an election cycle. Yet, as we’ve noticed, our media outlets have not made a big stink about Schiff or Clinton’s wrongdoings even when evidence clearly supports their own guilt with these Russian based emissaries seeking to influence our policies and prior elections.

The only difference between Schiff and Clinton verses Donald Trump is the latter is not of the government’s elite class. He wasn’t sanctioned by other politicians of the former’s ilk to be in DC serving the people. Instead, he was sanctioned by the ultimate boss in this whole situation – the American voters.

Now the latest dust up over this Russian lawyer and her meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. is just coming back to them because we found she has many connections to Obama and others in the Democrat party. Luring him into said meeting with a promise of counterintel against Clinton, then delivering a huge nothing is demonstrative of how the Democrats purposefully tried to ‘set up’ the Trump family long before November 2016. If anything, this clearly shows the threat Trump was to them even before he secured the nomination! And now, they’ve been busted; dead to rights.

It seems to be an ever-growing trend within the DC folds to accuse the other of what they themselves engage; therefore, should we start looking at their accusations as quasi-confessions of their own misdeeds? It would probably be a good idea if we did! We may learn a lot more about who’s in the swamp and just what that swamp contains.

If you really examine it all, the Democrats are trying to subvert the Will of the People and it’s getting to the point, where they’ve lost more people within their own party. They haven’t come to terms with the fact that many Democrats also voted for Trump in 2016, leaving the party for at least that election, if not more.

Furthermore, they don’t seem at all concerned they are upsetting and offending Putin. This could prove very dangerous for us because, after all, Russian compliance and complicity is needed in situations like North Korea and the fight against ISIS. Are Democrats purposefully putting you and your families in grave danger merely because they lost an election? Common sense would dictate, of course!

The Democrats inability to embrace their loss and learn from the experience seems to be altogether lost on them. They will continue to divert and provide smoke in the attempt to sway voters; however, all the chest beating will do one thing in the ultimate end game – get them unelected!

At the end of it all, the Democrats are only showing us how stupid they believe we are as they continue down this road of fabricated nonsense… Isn’t it time for American Voters to push back on this idiocy?

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