Is Priebus Getting Ready to Take the Big Dive?

Reince Priebus never left a good taste in my mouth because of his dirty past dealings and his place in the GOP elite class with the likes of Paul Ryan and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Much speculation has been running around DC rumor mills about the possible shakeups in the Trump Administration as the summer draws near. Many reporters, citing unnamed sources (of course) have conjectured White House Chief of Staff is looking at a swift exit due to many reasons but namely the initial healthcare debauchery which ended in the vote being canceled in March. Of course, we’ve heard this about everyone because the Media is unsatisfied with anything Trump does for the American people or his own cabinet.

As many of your know, my proclivities run deep regarding Priebus’s being involved in the Trump Administration have been many due to his truculence during the primary election. I never saw him as being an ingenuous fellow, certainly not one to steer President Trump with the honest such a position requires. He’s always been a bit too dodgy and disingenuous in his public posture, leading me to not trust him any more than I do, say, James Comey.

Additionally, I’ve never fashioned him as a man of integrity and true grit. To me, he’s always been somewhat of a shadowy figure head that gabbed on Sunday morning talk shows about a whole bunch of nothingness. I remember his days as he fought to get the Chair at the Republican National Committee. While Michael Steele’s position was tenuous, at best, Priebus’s under-handed tactics were disturbing and seemed to be a trend in his prior behaviors.

However, trusting our President being paramount, I just remind myself daily when I see some of Priebus’s ‘gafs,’ the President kept him on for some reason so it’s just better to wait and see where this all shakes out.

While many sources have verified he is looking to exit soon, much may hinge on other situations the White House is grappling with at this time. The leaking situation (which many believe Priebus plays a part in) is most unsettling and so it would seem making any sudden movements might scare big fish from the crab pot. Perhaps, the President is weighing options or this is not even crossing the transom of his mind with everything else he is dealing with throughout our world.

In spite of the water cooler jousts and conjecture, we’ll just have to wait and see where this wind blows us, but I for one, would not cry in my cereal should the word come down that Priebus had been relieved of his White House duties. Like others, he has been a disappointment for President Trump and an unnecessary liability rather than an asset to him.

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