Is Jeff Sessions letting America down?

Katherine Robertson’s opinion in the Conservative Review seems to feel that AG Sessions ‘cares too much for the country to step down…’ yadda yadda yadda.

Dripping with honey-filled goo, the writer goes into how President Trump is making a ‘big mistake’ to even consider replacing is new Attorney General, even though Sessions has done practically nothing of the President’s agenda since entering his position.

How can we all forget the injustice we face with the Clintons getting away with RICO violations, pay-to-play politics, Russian uranium deals and, of course, the big email server scandal yet to be brought to task? With such a banquet of criminality, one would think Sessions and his colleagues at the DOJ wouldn’t have to look far to scrounge up busy work; yet, nothing has even begun in this regard. In fact, those at the Justice Department have stood mute on all things Clinton, along with anything related to Loretta Lynch’s unethical and conspirator behavior during the email investigation, James Comey’s leaks and every other blatant criminal act by the previous administration.

This whole thing makes one wonder: Does Sessions also work for the Clintons like Mueller, Comey, et. al.? Because it sure seems like that’s the case, doesn’t it?

Sadly, what once looked like a most promising situation has now turned into a bill of bad goods, indeed. There is no more glimmers of white knighthood in Sessions recused existence as he’s completely checked out of the whole ordeal and decided to live out his service in a vacation mode. But according to Robertson, he’s just doing his job and how dare  the President question his seemingly relaxed take on crime.

No, it’s all about going after pot growers – even though many states have medicinal and recreational pot laws now, where it’s all legal on the state level. So much for States’ rights….

Don’t know about my fellow Americans but I can say for myself, AG Sessions is not someone I trust to administer justice anymore. Oh, there was a moment when I thought there was hope for the Justice Department to regain its once apolitical status, I can assure you, that illusion has been ripped away and replaced with just ‘more of the same’ we got used to during the Obama years! This time, instead of a brazen Loretta, we now have grandpa Jeff!

What difference does it make? For those who have a problem with lawbreaking — a lot, but who cares? Right! Guess we’re just stuck with another bad Justice Department that won’t be putting the DC elites to task any time soon.

So much for draining the swamp!

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