Is it Time for the United States to Leave the United Nations?

President Harry Truman was sold a bag of spoiled goods…

Most people looking at the UN today here in America, don’t see them as being a benevolent force in the world. If anything, they’re a nuisance and a group of malcontents.

For historians, it’s no secret that President Truman, at the end of the Second World War, was not keen on joining the United Nations. The original premise for the organization was to promote worldwide peace but since its inception, it hasn’t done anything close.

Since the beginning, we’ve seen Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East and other atrocities happen all over the world, rendering the UN pretty much useless at achieving world peace. Their overreach into countries has been massive and seems to be more like an outfit that wishes to achieve the New World Order initiative instead of the peace. World government is not recognizing things like country sovereignty and the like. If anything, they have meddled into other countries’ affairs to the point of negative effect rather than anything positive.

For all purposes, the UN is just taking up New York City’s valuable real estate to promote upheaval and unrest.

It’s no mystery from its voting history, the UN doesn’t recognize Israel in anything of merit. In fact, the antisemitic tenor is very clear with last year’s resolutions in favor of Palestine. Therefore, why is the US still involved in a group that doesn’t do much more than spread hate throughout the world?

History dictates they’ve failed to prevent things like Rwanda from occurring. In that instance, even the US under the Clinton Administration, turned a blind eye to the mass genocide in Rwanda and didn’t even offer up any sympathy until then-Secretary of State Madelaine Albright went to tour the war-torn carnage. The Unite Nations was supposed to do things to prevent such tragedies but instead, did nothing for the people of Rwanda.

The same can be said for the massive slavery the Middle East still engages in to this day. Many Black Americans yammer on and on about an era that’s almost 200 years past, yet they have no understanding nor care for the black slavery still going on in many Middle Eastern countries. The UN has sat idly by, leveling their sanctions against North Korea but has failed miserably at addressing other issues that are just as pressing.

Is it time for the US to adios?

In many opinion circles, lots of people would be ecstatic to leave the UN and evict the nefarious organization from US soil. Because, after all, they do not promote peace around the world – if they did, events like Rwanda would never happen in the first place.

Perhaps, now that the UN has tried to bully the USA, President Trump will put the brakes on any further US money going to them. There is no reason to have such an organization if they’re not going to honor their founding principle. To do so, would just be to further a myth, instead of facing their bleak reality.

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