Is It A Game Or Much More…

The Magic Date is always January 4th.

Starting in 2012 and continuing through to 2016, the day when a new level of a system is introduced to persons engaged in the clues it provides, Cicada 3301 has been described by many but never completely categorized into one specific thing. While some call it an alter-reality game, others wonder because of its accuracy in forecasting future events, it may be some type of sophisticated intelligence sharing medium.

Many have tried to define this perplexing system of clues and the focus of its purpose, yet no one has been able to definitively define it. Hence, it’s enigma continues to be shrouded in mystery and seemingly answerless resolutions and conjecture.

Utilizing a wide variety of philosophies, literary, art, and mathematics, the clues are complex compilations in order to lead the user to certain clues about events. Seemingly tied to Wikileaks, it is speculated some of the leaks within are actually derived from the clues. Locations also play a pertinent part of the clues as each contains a specific meaning both on a cerebral and physical level.

Due to its enigmatic nature and the fact that no person(s) have come forth to profit from it, there seems to be some confusion regarding its true origins and continual existence. It’s been accused of being some kind of conglomerate of hackers and many other dark sided forced; however, no specific accusations have ever come to fruition nor proven. Communicating answers to allegations against the group have always come through a secured network or PGP; however, this is the only form the group has answered.

It’s ‘book’ is called Liber Primus, which contains a summary of the guiding core beliefs of the group.

Here are some images of the various areas used:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.50.14 PM
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The following is site/geographical locations of the clues

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.50.24 PM
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(source Wikipedia)

It leads one to ponder where these clues that forecast future events with stark accuracy are coming from. Are they really tied to groups like Anonymous or Wikileaks? Is it a conglomerate of intelligence operators, working to bring to light the dark eaves of governmental forces? Where is it leading and what is its end game? Only time will tell, but for the time being, one can only hope the information continues to come forth — as knowledge is power.

The following video was released in June 2016 from Cicada which provides a quasi explanation and perhaps clues to the next events about to unfold.

To access some of it’s other videos, go to Cicada 3301’s YouTube Channel.

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