Is Charlie Gard an Argument Against Single Payer System?

Would you want your child’s life or death decided by a court or a death panel? This is exactly what Bernie proposes for your future!

In the UK, the Gard family fights for their son’s life as bureaucrats who think they know better than his parents, are fighting to end the boy’s life and deny him the treatments necessary to give him a chance at a life at all. Would Bernie Sanders pull the plug on an infant? From his statements promoting this kind of death panel; yes, he would. Yet one has to wonder if Bernie could do this to his own child or grandchild — something Democrats seldom take into account when they push these failed policies on Americans.

The Gard family shouldn’t have to fight to save their son’s life at all. If they were in America, pre-Obamacare, it would be no question that his life meant more than public policy. Yes, healthcare is expensive; however, death has a permanence for which there is no be-back. It is a decision that is hard for even pet owners much less parents who have had this child in their lives for any length of time.

Is Charlie a poster child for everything wrong with socialized medicine? Absolutely. He embodies the real ‘can’ in the single-payer debate that begs us to look a bit deeper than glib campaign slogans and feel-good sentiments. It is the realness behind such flawed policy in play that washes away all misconceptions of what Socialism really is — a way to control the masses.

Are Democrats in America really paying attention to the Charlie controversy? Well, if one looks beyond one’s nose, yes; but the Liberals don’t usually partake in such activities. Instead, they run off current talking points without any thought as to their end results. Obamacare is a brilliant example of said fodder because it’s been a dismal failure in Europe and Canada for years… decades actually.

Cannot tell you how many times, I’ve received letters and met people in local hospitals who came here from both areas to get better healthcare than they would get in their own countries. This is not some myth made up by a Republican pollster trying to damn Obama’s misguided policies – it’s a reality. Many in those countries die waiting for treatment and, as we’ve seen from Charlie’s case, some die because a panel makes that decision for the family without their thoughts even considered.

By controlling life and death decisions, the government can really move the pieces in a huge cheat of chess. Hence, taking away freedoms and eroding our inalienable rights as per our Constitution with every decision rendered.

At the end of the day, it should never be up to a court whether or not a person lives or dies. It is up to caregivers and family members should the patient be incapacitated. It is a personal choice – not a government one. Something Bernie and his merry band of socialist ideologues don’t seem to grasp.

Therefore, can we really say single-payer/socialized medicine is aligned with our ruling document? I would say, not!

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