Is Anthony Weiner Getting Ready To Flee?

Sources close to him, are saying Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin’s estranged husband and former Democrat Congressman representing New York City, is seeking refuge in Israel to avoid possible indictment for recent sexcapades. Talks between the two parties began when he reached out to senior Israeli government officials whom, “have agreed to take him in.”

We all remembered his heart-felt apology to his constituents and his family after the first sex scandal…

As many of you know, Weiner stepped down from his post in DC after engaging in sexting activities with women. He has since been caught in some serious allegations – one being playing out a rape scenario with a fifteen year old. The 51 year old former Congressman has apparently not learned from his utter disgrace.

While Weiner has not been officially indicted, sources say the charges are coming for his recent activities which began to have heat earlier this month.

As a recent Breitbart article states, the Weiners are currently separated as Abedin continues to work with the Clinton Campaign for Hillary Clinton. Her official announcement came in late August after his recent activities were revealed after being ‘catfished’ which resulted in the new, yet another sex scandal.

Is his ‘trip’ to Israel for a vacay or is he trying to flee to avoid prosecution for a plethora of possible charges?  Could he be pulling a “Roman Polanski” move?

It’s not out of the realm of possibilities as it wouldn’t be the first time someone turned fugitive after being accused of statutory rape, seeking refuge in non-extraditial countries. Will he be the latest?

No further information is available about this; however, we’ll make sure you’re in the loop if we learn more. Until then, all at LaGuardia, Newark and JFK, keep your eyes peeled for the rogue ex-congressman.


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