Is it All about to Burst?

Have you noticed here lately, much has been revealed to us about the now infamous Trump Dossier created as opposition research by Fusion GPS? Last night on Sean Hannity, Sara Carter from Circa exposed our suspicions were true. This ginned up, political ploy was presented to get the illegal warrants to wiretap the Trump campaign and transition team before entering the White House.

Hence, we now know former FBI Director, James Comey, lied to us and Congress when he denied there was any wiretapping while testifying in March 2017. It’s evident he was well aware of the warrants and was even complicit in getting that dossier information dressed up for its presentation to the FISA court to obtain said warrant.

Wasn’t it Comey who admitted to leaking information to the New York Times through a conduit? And now we find out this information was classified! It makes one wonder what is the world goes through the minds of folks like the disgraced former director.

Additionally, we now know the politicization in the Intelligence Community has raged on at an all-time high as they purposefully tried to interfere in the 2016 election. Not to mention, the fact that it all started with a Clinton financed pile of rubbish.

Is this like a pimple that’s about to explode?

With all this lawlessness being exposed everyday, how can it not be building up to a massive take down which will dwarf Watergate in comparisons? It would seem this huge build up and trickling facts like Chinese water torture will eventually come crashing down on several people’s heads.

In case you haven’t noticed, Comey’s twitter account, which usually touts of dark philosophical murmurs has all but gone mute. Could it be as these factoids continue to drip, his bud Robert Mueller has told him to cease? One never knows with people like those two, whom seem hellbent on covering up their tracks – but doing it very badly.

We’ll all have to see how this culture of corruption continues to play out but it looks the damn may break sooner than later as more and more people are demanding accountability on all fronts!

Will we see Comey finally get the indictment he’s earned? Will any of this cast of characters get their legal come uppings?

Lastly, is it time for Congress to step in and halt the 702 program until these gross abuses by the previous administration and its players is dealt with swiftly and judicially?

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