Is all the Twitter Scuttlebutt just Subterfuge by the Media?

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A lot of the media has been yammering on and on and on about President Trump’s tweets. Its getting a bit ridiculous as the pick the man to death over every little thing he tweets, does and says. The negativity has reached epic levels and frankly, if they don’t want people to turn them off entirely, they need to knock it off.

This morning watching the AM news on Fox News and Fox Business, every interview with a representative from the House and Senate seem to begin with, “So do you think the President should stop tweet?”

Flash: WHO CARES? 

Answer: Nobody.

The media is ticked because they’re so used to be the self-appointed gatekeepers of all things news. Perhaps they should have thought about this when they were lying their tushes off during the last election and every second since. They are unreliable and aren’t reporting real news items. Why? Because President is winning left and right and they just hate that! They are so self-consumed with the whole notion of a non-coronated commoner daring to run and win the presidency, they have done nothing but attempt to make him look like an incompetent ever since.

This is far worse than the Bushes…

May I remind you, ladies and gentleman, that Clinton wasn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree when he was elected to office in 1992. And we all know Obama didn’t have near the management experience as Trump when he became president. So, please for the love of God, get over it.

He’s the President. There’s nothing you can do about it and, frankly, if he wants to tweet the lyrics to the Star-Spangled Banner, let ’em at it. I could care less.

What I do care about is this is all subterfuge for masking his wins, not to mention hiding the fact the Congress and Senate aren’t doing the people’s work, i.e.:

  • JOBS

These are all big ticket items all these representatives are supposed to be working on instead of having pow-wows with fired disgruntled FBI directors and talking Russian nonsense.

The fact is, the media is covering for a bunch of ungrateful incompetents roaming the halls of the Capitol building for the precious few days they show up in between vacations, recesses and hearings about nonsense.

Instead of doing what we put them there to do, they’re looking to their next election and bitching about Donald Trump! Please, if the guy wasn’t working like he is, nothing would be accomplished. If he took the stance the so-called DC elite took, we would have no progress whatsoever – no travel ban to argue over, nothing.

The media needs to get a grip and realize it was through their own negligence and dishonesty that they fell from grace with Joe-Blow-America. We want to see Trump Tweets because he’s the only one we can trust to even give us updates.

So, please, for your own sanity as much as ours, if you don’t like his tweets, here’s a hint: Don’t read them!

Thank God Trump tweets!
If he didn’t, we wouldn’t know what was going on at all!
And that’s the facts, Jack!

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