International Bankers: Leeches Sucking American Blood!

America was founded by people trying to rid themselves of a bad economy and escape religious oppression.Their quest was a group coming from many European countries. England. Ireland. Portuguese.

It wasn’t until 1913 that we even had such a thing as the Federal Reserve – a privately owned entity to this day. It was then that banking was left to run over our country, unfettered and unabashed.

It wasn’t until the Civil War that the media was even a pertinent part of our everyday worlds. Up until then, it was a place to sell land and services; locate runaway slaves; and discuss legislature and local issues. It wasn’t about salacious tales of fictional fairy tales generated to forward one candidate over another. It was never meant to be that way. It was meant to be a watchdog for citizens to get truth and wisdom. Why with all her negatives does the media keep trying to ram Hillary Clinton down everyone’s throats?

So, what do International Bankers have in common with the Mainstream Media?Plenty.

They are the moral narcissists of our world, claiming to hold such offend at everything they believe the rest of America finds offensive. In fact, they try to tell us what is and isn’t offensive while ignoring real offenses and lawbreaking activities perpetrated by their “special protected groups and individuals.” They are now dictating every aspect of our lives – from the soap we use to the cars we drive. They are the henchmen of the globalists yet, they seem so altruistic don’t they?

Where does all the money go? They say to follow the money but how can we? The Clinton Foundation has donors that never see light of day. Why? Because that would foil the wizard behind the curtain in Oz.

We now know that 96% of the media has donated to Clinton’s campaign, but how many of the International Bankers have put money into her? Worse yet, what does the media and these bankers have on Clinton that makes her blackmailable? What do they know that you don’t know about her dark secrets, clandestine past and nefariously criminal actions other than what we’ve seen from Clinton Cash and Guilty As Sin?

Why are people even contemplating voting for her when these other stakeholders hold so much more over her than we could ever imagine? Why else would they be so hell bent on getting her elected in spite of her obvious psychopathic leanings?

Think and DARE to inform yourselves…


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