Intentional But Not Terrorism?

It was a typical busy Saturday night in the Chelsea district of New York City when around 8:32PM at 23rd Street between Seventh and Sixth Avenue, a bomb exploded in a dumpster on the street, injuring 28 people, 1 in serious condition. An area is known for its restaurants, nightlife and hype residential area, its also known for the landmark the Chelsea Hotel of Sid and Nancy fame. And, as the scene was still being processed, at around 9:30-10:00PM on 27th and Seventh (in front of the Fashion Institute of Technology (also known as FIT) a pressure cooker bomb attached to a cellphone was located.

UPDATE: 3:11AM the number of people injured has now risen to 29 in the Chelsea explosion earlier last night. One is still in serious condition at this time.

Also new: Leaked Video of the Chelsea Explosion found on YouTube. Note the video shows the amount of debris and distance it traveled from its detonation point.

Earlier in the day in Seaside, NJ, two pipe bombs detonated just before a 5K Charity race to benefit Marines occurred. Hence, the timing seemed uncanny and far from coincidental to most commenting on Fox News as they surveyed the New York situation during their coverage. Apparently, the two pipe bombs had detonated earlier than programmed, which luckily didn’t have any injuries or casualties due to the race being delayed. Had the race started when schedule this would be a completely different outcome.

NYC Mayor De Blasio in a press conference at 11:00PM claimed they were not linked with terrorism; however, it was an intentional act; indicating the two events in New York were unrelated to the New Jersey events. He did reiterate the situation was still being investigated and urged the public to come forward if they know any information.

Many experts including Former FBI Assistant Director Ronald Hosko did state to Fox News via phone, many believe it was too soon to see if there was any links between the New York City incidents and Seaside because there wasn’t enough time to get ballistics and other testing done in these types of cases.

Pressure cooker bomb recovered from the 27th Street NYC location.
Pressure cooker bomb recovered from the 27th Street NYC location.

As all these investigations continued, around 12:00AM, an unconfirmed source reported three fighter jets zoomed past his building “at a low altitude heading southeast.” Furthermore, confirmed sources stating the incidents were, in fact,  terrorist events and tied to the New Jersey incident.

Further confirmation has come in that two persons of interest captured on street video are still at large and wanted for questioning for the Chelsea explosion. On street surveillance, the two were spotted putting the bomb in the dumpster earlier in the evening.

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, a machete yielding assailant, injured many at the Crossroad Center Shopping Mall and Steve Tellier at KSTP, reports witnesses said he referred to Allah and asked one victim if they were Muslim.

The Media has been demonstratively off-handed in their reporting, stating that “At least, no one was killed…” but it is quite interesting that none have committed to their words the obvious takeaway from these two separate events in the very place where 9/11 occurred 15 years ago almost to the day. Furthermore, not much is mentioned about the St. Cloud incident other than the eight victims were taken to the hospital with no casualties.

So why is the Media being so nonchalant about these attacks on America?

It is noteworthy to remember should more terrorist attacks happen on US soil between now and November 8, this enhances Donald Trump’s chances to win as more polls indicate voters find him more capable of handling terrorism than Hillary Clinton. Therefore, this explanation would explain the Media’s reluctance to call out the obvious as they have made it abundantly clear they would rather see her win the presidency.

Clinton giving a press conference regarding the incidents in New Jersey and New York.

Try as they may, some things are just too hard to ignore including Clinton’s press conference about the incidents where she seemed a bit incoherent as she countered Trump’s comments earlier in the day. She claimed it’s best to wait for more information before making any type of call, slamming his assertion it was a bomb in New York. Keep in mind, she never spoke out about President Barack Obama’s rushes to judgment regarding the police shootings of four black men which spurred the Black Lives Matters group over the last two years.

At 9:30PM, it looked as though Clinton had been awoken or was about to go to sleep as she barely could keep her eyes open — which leads one to ponder whether she would be coherent enough to handle any 3AM calls or would it be like Benghazi retread?

Is this what we are to expect now as these incidents grow evermore present in our culture due to the constant threats from enemies wishing to destroy our way of life? It’s definitely something to think about as we head to the polls in the next fifty days.

This story is fluid so more is to come later.


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