Insider Spills Details of Hillary Speech to Goldman Sachs!

Much has been made by Bernie Sanders during the primary and now Donald Trump about the transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s speech to Goldman Sachs. It has left another mysterious mark on her candidacy which is more enticing than Trump’s 2,000-page taxes!

The secrecy surrounding those transcripts has left much for conjecture. Many assume it was some feel-good moments between Clinton and the large banking mogul that contradicts her vilification of Wall Street to voters so they believe it’s a reputation issue rather than something deeper.

Clinton has often changed her rhetoric to mirror the company she’s in, much like many politicians whom depend on donations and tax dollars to irk out their fortunes. However, it is particularly interesting that she guards those verbal interchanges with more security than our national secrets. This is not an easy feeling for many looking to elect a president as it adds more clever and shiftiness to her demeanor and persona.

As happenstance would have it, one Wall Street Insider attendee spoke to one of our reps about the content one of those meetings and the revelation is riveting about Clinton’s stance on our country’s place on the world stage. We learned the meeting consisted of her speaking about how Goldman Sach senior management would have a place in our government and in the global economy when the globalization of America was complete.

What does it mean?

Well, it’s actually very simple… our Constitution and sovereignty would be gone.

For many who don’t know about globalism, this doesn’t seem like a big thing as the creeping globalism is already permeating our world. However, to those whom are well aware of the ramifications to America, it’s a cautionary point to her direction for America should she become president. And, for those folks, the outlook is abysmal but also verifies their suspicions that doing away with the Founding Fathers’ vision is a must for people like Clinton.

This Altas Shrugged/1984 reality is one you thought was just a work of fiction. Let that myth just rip away from the transom of your minds… it is, indeed, real.

When we saw George H.W. Bush first reveal the New World Order on September 11, 1991, most thought it was meaningless rhetoric that had nothing to do with actual change in our fundamental structure – economically, ideologically or governance. However, as time moved past 1991, we now see this creeping virus engulf our jobs, destroy our infrastructure and threaten us with an invasion of hostile enemies poised to attack and decimate America.  Therefore, when Clinton (and now Kaine) pontificate about Open Borders as some altruistic meme, we need to be aware there’s a more sinister plot afoot.

From YouTube Channel MrWolfenz

Remember the words, “I will change America on a fundamental level…?” We’ve seen the repercussions of this throughout the last eight years in overdrive, but the NAFTA agreement was the beginning of jobs leaving America. The grossly one-sided trade agreements were just the start of dismantling America and folding us into a big world enchilada.

This plot was revealed in banker speeches as they are expected to be the forbearance and capitalists in this new world government and economy, which washes away our own economic stance and Republic ideas and values. Hence, this subplot is the very reason why Clinton doesn’t want you to know what she said. She knows without a doubt most Americans are not favorable to globalism – as well as the European citizenry was not all that happy with the European Union.

Therefore, should we become completely globalized, someone in a distant office will decide whether we can use toasters and electric tea pots (the last straw for the UK earlier this year) as well as legislate every aspect of our lives. Dissenters would be put in camps or dealt with by a now-corrupt bureau we know as the FBI or some federalized police unit. You would be told what you can or cannot do and your life would be eradicated of any personal choice more than what you’re going to wear in the morning – as long as it doesn’t display any dissent for the motherland. The government would own you – and this, my friends, is the very definition of true, unadulterated tyranny.

Sadly, the reality is Clinton’s seemingly sociopathic behavior makes her the perfect candidate to induce people to vote to their own end. The lack of empathy towards the human condition is mandatory when carrying out any destruction within one’s own society. She doesn’t care that throughout her whole life, she’s enjoyed the riches America has bestowed on her. Its not an important factor to her. What is important is the promise of world dominion where she will no doubt, be one of those decision makers whom thinks they know how you should live your life and make said choices for you, on your behalf. For people like her, governance means demonizing anyone who is not a willing victim in her ruse. People are either enemies or victims and they’re interchangeable as underwear – easy to discard once they’ve served their purpose or fulfilled a need.

This is not who we are but this is who some in our government and Clinton want to make us. Is this the future you want as your legacy and for your children?

So now, the mysterious shroud has been lifted and face has revealed the under-agenda being kept under wraps. Clinton doesn’t want you to know that all the campaign seduction is merely a ruse to induce you into your own demise. How could she win an election with the promise that your lives will be far worse than they are right now?

This will no longer be the America we know and love – we will not be citizens anymore – just comrades in a reality some of us voted for with eyes wide shut!


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  1. George Bush started the tradition and Hillary is continuing it.
    I will vote Trump because he will stop Goldman Sachs, merely because they have opposed his candidacy.

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