Insider Reveals the Real Deal about the #LobbyPurge!

Breaking: Big news hit the pavement today about Vice President Elect Mike Pence firing all the lobbyists from the Trump Transition Team, which has mainstream media all in a twist this morning. However, this firing came from the orders of Donald Trump because it appears at least one of the seven Jewish lobbyists was “suspected of leaking to the New York Times…”

While the exact person has not been named, the transition team is working to build a cabinet that will spirit our country to prosperity not the same-old-same-old bad politics and palm greasing we’ve experienced over the last thirty years. The lobbyists relieved were “pro-Goldman Sach goons who were uber pro-Israel” meaning didn’t put America FIRST! Yet, a coded message: GLOBALISTS!

As we all know this is not what Trump promised America while campaigning for his current position; therefore, it would make perfect logical sense, once detected, he would ask these people to leave. In reality, this is exactly what voters expected him to do to protect OUR interests not the Wall Street big bankers and globalists.

The media is making hay out of this because they’ve been virtually cut out of the loop on most fronts. Can anyone blame Trump from doing this after they shamelessly twisted his words and fabricated completely fake stories about him since June 2015. They should realize more than most, elections have consequences and, unfortunately for them, Trump communicates transparency through his Tweets. Their use has become oblique at best. He doesn’t need them when he has his own cellphone and Twitter account.

As for all the tales of unrest within the transition, we’re told all is well and things are moving smoothly. There are no earth shattering moments or infighting. All this is ‘made up by the media or coming from fake sources.’  (Word to wise: Read Trump’s TWEETS not the MSM birdcage liners.)

Draining Swamps is messy business…even without the MSM sensationalizing every second of the big flush!

By the way, just a note, is it our imagination or is the media/Democrats overly obsessive about this transition? In years past, don’t recall anyone barely saying two words about the transitions of those before him, so why is Trump’s any more newsworthy than anyone else’s transitions?

Keep cheering, Trump’s doing the work we hired him to do. Be on the look out for more Donald Trump Tweets! Also, follow @mike_pence, too for updates.

UPDATE: Here’s another part of the deal…. Stephen Bannon has gotten much heat over the last couple days… Here’s why. He’s the one that’s doing the firing and vetting the transition team. Go figure. No wonder he’s not the most popular guy of the hour! There you have it. Because Bannon is protecting Trump and making sure the people around him are keeping his agenda (and ours) verses the people we voted against. Here, here, to Mr. Bannon. Keep up the great work!

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