By Thornton Crowe
As published on Salisbury News

On Independence Day weekend, I thought about what this holiday’s remembrance is really all about and why it’s meaning now is more pertinent than ever before in most our lives. For those who embrace this election’s importance, this is a somber holiday – not just an excuse for a three-day weekend.

Our founding fathers had great ideas. They were educated men consisting of landowners, lawyers, inventors, philosophers and business owners, who carefully thought out the way to govern the new nation. They had a combined focus and goal to eradicated themselves from the Crown and launch a most extraordinary experiment. The United States of America.

Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin
Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin

The two main ideas became apparent in their planning. A) To guarantee inalienable rights which are prescribed by God, which protect our Right to pursue personal happiness in a free land. And B) to preserve our country’s sovereignty. The Constitution provided a framework, giving directives to three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. These branches of government were placed specifically to keep power from becoming a centralized power base – leaving the power to the individual states’ citizenry to self-govern.

government-3branchesTheir quotes about freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness and self governance have survived the 240 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 2 and its adoption by the united group of the original thirteen states on July 4, 1776. Yes, it’s been 40 years since we celebrated the 200 year anniversary; yet, America is a radically difference country today than it was even 20 years ago.

Was this radical turn what Thomas Jefferson envisioned when he penned the Declaration of Independence that birthed our Nation?

After much study of Jefferson’s writings and scholarship, I seriously doubt it…

Today, we’re happy to let the federal government dictate every facet of our lives – right down to personal habits and vices. Under the guise of  common good, we have handed over our rights and freedoms one by one to people who know no better than any of us what is in our best interest and well-being. In return, they’ve taken no time at all to strip our rights to minutia while grossly overstepping their constitutional boundaries.

Now look at where we are…

United Nations
United Nations

We are a country that folds to its minority because they throw elaborate temper tantrums. The Minority dictates our behaviors and ‘free’ speech because of the laziness and apathy of the Majority. We now have a presidential candidate that is the focus of an FBI criminal investigation and yet, many don’t appear to care she’s untrustworthy, dishonest and corrupt. Our lawmakers are promoting globalism which strips away everything the Founding Fathers fought for and were against (the reason they revolted against King George) — including our right to self-governance. Now these supposed elected by the people representatives are moving us towards being under the United Nations – a global conglomerate that even FDR detested and had no desire for the US to join.

What have we become? Is it time for America to reinvent itself or is it time to go back to what made this nation the super power it once was. Many will nay-say and think, “But, Mr. Crowe, we’re still great…” But are we?

9/11 World Trade Centers, New York City
9/11 World Trade Centers, New York City

We defer our rights so massive invasions of illegals and refugees to come here to take our jobs, rape our women and children as well as threaten the very existence of our community  enclaves like the LGBT community! Is this really greatness? 40 years ago, we hadn’t experienced a terrorist attack on our soil with the exception of Pearl Harbor in 1941. Yet 15 years later, we are cowering not standing up to the very ideology that portrayed one of the most violent events in our country’s history – 9/11.

Protesters burning the American Flag 2016
Protesters burning the American Flag 2016

Why are we at this juncture when the very basis of our country was founded on solid principles and for 200+ years, served its citizens and our industry well? How did we get here and why is one party so hell-bent on taking away the greatness of our nation? Why do we condone people burning our flag?

Why have we been so quick to give up our freedom for the acceptance of the failed Welfare State of Socialism?

Therefore, on this weekend designed to remember our Declaration as a Sovereign Nation, perhaps it is now more than picnics and beach days – but also with this year, a time to reflect and think carefully, where you as a citizen want this country to go from here.

This election boils down to two conflicting idioms: Nationalism verses Globalism. Nationalism being remain a free sovereign nation or Globalism meaning we completely wipe out what this nation was founded on 240 years ago.


 If ever there was a time, it’s now a time for choosing…

On that note, I leave you with this parting video from Ronald Reagan, whose words are as true now as they were in 1964 – we can clearly see his prophecy in our reality today. It’s worth the thirty minutes out of your long weekend merriment to check out.

This is perhaps the last election to correct our course and destiny! I have faith there’s hope for us yet.

How say you?

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