In the Wake of Media Frenzy:
On the Eve of Debate, Oddly Trump Support GROWS!

America is a nation founded by rebels, malcontents and… anarchists. None of our Founding Fathers would’ve swooned over vulgar words. Our presidents are no exception to the verbiage of sailors. Most people favor course language from straight shooters like General Patton and are unfazed by silver tongue stylings often found with slick professional politicians. Another example is one particularly notorious for his acid tongue was  Democrat President Lyndon Johnson.

The Media would have you believe they represent the neo-puritan values of new America, but this simply doesn’t ring true. The public has been desensitized over the years because this same MSM has long been a champion of R-rated movies, late-night comedy and explicit lyrics. Somewhere, George Carlin is shaking his head.

Caesar’s wife was supposed to be pure, not Caesar…

America isn’t a prude nation – we’ve weathered Revolution, crime, Civil War, riots, protests, social unrest, international wars, porn, racism and a host of other turbulent social dynamics. Trump’s Mea Culpa came swiftly and, to some, surprisingly, its not having the Liberals’ desired effect. However, for every hour Hillary Clinton refuses to apologize for labeling Bernie supporters, “buckets of losers,” her numbers suffer; for every day she refuses to come clean on what’s now being revealed by Wikileaks, her credibility crumbles.

And this is only the beginning…

Keep in mind, Clinton has only experienced a mere 1% of what Wikileaks has and about to expose to the world about her inner world and backroom talks. And if the Liberal media is reacting as hysterically as they are now with just 1%, imagine what the next 30 days have in store!

What Trump said as a private citizen a decade ago will be forgotten in a day or two. News cycles are hungry things — stories are like Chinese food. The public’s appetite for scandal will be well satiated with the coming Wikileaks… dirt on Hillary.

Considering all the dirt about to come forth, should she drop out?

As  FBI Insider close to Crowenation describes the “Hillary Dilemma” it’s like this:

Imagine, you have all her supporters: MSM, celebrities, etc. serve as her Firewall. With every explosive reveal, Wikileaks damages that wall! As her people plug up the holes created within that wall with their index fingers, it becomes too much. At some point, the entire wall is going to give. Now, try stopping the ocean with your index finger and you’ll understand what I mean…

Remember, America admires a Frank Sinatra, but they won’t accept an Ethyl Rosenberg. We’re use to our heroes being flawed but we can’t stomach a reptilian sneak; especially in our White House!

Actions Speak Louder than Words…

Additionally, if you’d vote for corruption and criminality because of words not actions, do you really have any room to judge someone else’s moral character?

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