How Well Do You Know Ted Cruz? Part II

By Thornton Crowe

Everyone sees on the news the bickering going back and forth between Cruz and Donald Trump now days. It’s no secret that Trump believes Cruz is a liar. Lyin’ Ted. But have you ever asked yourselves why this moniker has taken on a life of it’s own?

Let’s forget about the sex scandal articles in the National Enquirer, the DC Madam scandal and the bashing about his nefarious allegiance to a minister who wants to execute gays. There’s more to this situation than most would like to admit. And it’s time, if you really wanted to be an informed, responsible voter, you investigated as I did why Ted Cruz shouldn’t become our President in any way.

China & Trade

Ted Cruz supports the already in place trade deals with China and Mexico, which have damaged Americans financially for two decades since first truly implemented with the Clintons. In an interview with political commentator, Laura Ingram, he came right out and said he was for the status quo for which Ingram chastised him with facts and a dig on his Harvard education. She is quite clear. Listen to her interview.


There has been a bit of ambiguous stance where Cruz is concerned on immigration. While he has been stealing Trump’s Wall and Deportation platform as of late, his history in the Senate has denoted a much different tale, which is quite disturbing. If you watch the video with Bret Baier here, you will see Cruz actually becomes nervous when Baier asks him about his actions of yesteryear verses his stances today.

In Gang of 8, Cruz repeatedly said he wanted the bill to pass. This is the same bill that granted amnesty and allowed more working visas from foreign countries at the expense of American workers, whom have suffered devastated loss due to the foreign workers coming in and taking their jobs. Remember Disney with the workers who had to train their replacements? Well, this is all part of the same ball of Gang of 8.

While Cruz tries weakly to defend himself, he falls flat when talking about his amendments. It got so bad during the interview that Baier asks him which stance should voters believe? For or against? As both have come out of his mouth and through action, it is hard to ascertain his true stance. However, his wife, Heidi has been fighting for the New World Order nonsense which would strip America of sovereignty and merge us with the continent – Mexico, USA and Canada. This would also erase our Constitution and Bill of Rights by clustering us under the United Nations authority. Meaning we are a country NO MORE.

As you all know, Ryan passed the Omnibill last year that has provided money for 300,000 refugees from Syria to infiltrate our communities and do pretty much what they’re doing in Europe. No more late night trips to Checker’s as rape and pillage have become the norm in Europe now that refugees have been allowed to take over communities and terrorize citizens.

Donations and Financial Support

Going along with the whole NWO comes George Soros. He is the rich guy who has been causing all kinds of trouble in order to get his gal pal, Hillary Clinton, elected (and paying for BLM and other protestors money to protest Trump Events). Why? Because Soros fully supports NWO as it helps him get a few more billions and yields him astronomical power over Americans.

Another issue that’s come to surface is this: Cruz goes around tooting about Trump’s donations to Clinton during her 2008 primary campaign and other Democrats but he omits a few very interesting facts about Trump’s donations. First, he got a REFUND from the Clinton campaign and when tallying up the donations (9 in total) his family members gave money to Clinton; therefore, he gave her one (1) donation. (Fully refunded.)

Second, Ted himself got money from Cruz along with a cute little snapshot of him shaking Trump’s hand when he got his check (no refund reported). Trump not only contributed to his campaign but also his little buddies, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. It is true, Trump has given to many politicians on the Right and Left. He gave money to Reagan, both Bushes and the Clintons. As a businessman trying to work with legislature and other bureaucracy, most businessmen and women will atest, it’s a good thing to have politicians who owe you a favor. It also is good for public relations. In business this is common not the extraordinary.

Third, Ted’s law firm in Texas also gave to both Obama’s presidential campaigns. Yes, you read that right. He contributed to Democrats, too. Yet, he makes Trump out to be some Leftist pig for doing what he, himself, has done without an ounce of acknowledgement to the hypocrisy in his meme.


Fourth, it seems that Cruz is now in some pretty hot water with his own fundraising efforts. While he decries that he is not in with the SUPERPACs that have focused much effort and cash against Trump, many have found that he has directed these PACs personally. There has been large transfers of money between them at his direction. Seems like he has some explaining to do in court as some cases have been filed against him.

As seen in Politico, he has blatantly broken the law in his manipulation of SuperPACs.


Senatorial Voting for Relief

Ted Cruz voted against relief for Sandy victims, 9/11 victims and also for extension of benefits for veterans. Yes, that’s right. He promotes making illegal aliens the benefactors of what should go to the men and women who have fought for our freedom! This is all a matter of public record! It’s not that difficult to find.

“I’m an Outsider…” 

Don’t let that outsider moniker fool you. Cruz and Heidi worked for George H. Bush during his election and they both got some pretty spiffy appointments as a reward for their election efforts. In fact, it’s the beginning of the Cruz love story. That’s how they met, fell in love and set up homestead. Now, Neil Bush (the black sheep Bush who was convicted of embezzling millions) is on Cruz’s campaign team and both Bush brothers are assisting in Cruz’s campaign. Last but not least, if Lindsey Graham (SC-R) endorses you after telling people on the Senate floor he’d love it if someone would ‘knock you off,’ (not to mention Soros whose also donated to Kasich and Clinton) you’re establishment through and through.

In conclusion, it seems that over last week, since the big cheat in Wisconsin (look up the Democracy Hacked Documentary by HBO on YouTube. 80+ minutes showing how programs can change votes undetected through the Diebold Machines which Maryland also uses,) he has received an abysmal reception from his New York Values slight during a debate. Many New Yorkers are neither impressed with Cruz and the NY Daily News has given him a couple staggering covers telling him to take the F U train and get out of New York.

While many political pundits and talking heads are all wheezy over Cruz’s hostile reception in NY, they all admit his remark was a 47% level remark that probably sunk Romney’s bid in 2012. This time he said it in a debate and Mother Jones didn’t have to pen one article.

If you don’t believe the things above, this video may be very enlightening for you when you look at Cruz and Trump side by side.

So folks, it’s up to you to do research. Really look at the things Ted Cruz has done as a Senator and Attorney to ascertain if this is the caliber of person you want speaking for you in the White House.

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