HOLLYWOOD: An Aloof Morality? Really?

This morning on Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson explained how when politics permeates art, it tends to diminish it; citing that most of Hollywood sees themselves with aloof moral high ground. Morality in Hollywood is about as rare as finding a diamond in oyster. It isn’t there even though they believe it does; however, the actual reality speaks for itself.

First, more divorces happen due to adultery in Hollywood than most other professions. While there are marriages that work in Hollywood, they’re rare. When you look at the industry on the whole, there’s more marital failure than success. Examples: How many assorted lovers has Madonna bedded in her lifetime? How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married? And what about Cher in her post-Sonny life? Wasn’t it activist Angelina Jolie who bedded fellow actor/activist Brad Pitt when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston? This matrimonial fickleness is not by any means moral as they have more bed partners than a 42nd Street prostitute.

Second, as many have heard throughout the years, Hollywood has an issue with molesting children. Some child stars have come forward about their experiences with the older elite class in Tinseltown and it’s not a picture Variety or the Hollywood Reporter ever dares to report. Corey Haim committed suicide in his young adult life; his friend, Corey Feldman citing the sexual abuse in his childhood at the hands of many studio elites. Also, Roman Polanski, a fugitive from justice after pedophilia/child rapist, got a standing ovation from Ms. Meryl Streep at an award show a few years ago, where he received some lifetime achievement award.

Third, most outspoken celebrities have issues with anger which is often geared at their kids. Example of this is Alec Baldwin’s issues with his child by ex-spouse, Kim Bassinger. All remember the horrible messages he left her as they were played in open court when Bassinger filed a suit against him Calling a child a pig is not generally acceptable nor moral, is it? The way he spoke to his child, threatening her just because she didn’t answer the phone, was hardly loving or moral. It was downright degrading to anyone at any age, much less his 12-year-old.

Fourth, the heavy drug culture. How many celebrities who held high moral ground were extinguished by their own drug taking? River Phoenix ring a bell. It was widely known that Phoenix was known for his activism actor before green was cool. He was into peace building and said to be highly into environmental protections. Yet, he died on the sidewalk in front of Johnny Depp’s Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard. When did the nature movement include cocaine, crack and meth? Why would an activist need drugs, aren’t they high on doing good things for the planet? Isn’t that better than any drug?

Does anyone else remember Lindsay Lohan’s bout with drugs and stealing a few years back? Only three years ago, she was being adjudicated on grand theft auto. However, now, she’s pontificates about social justice balderdash and wants a meeting with the President? Interesting.

It seems this aloof morality has a skewed view when you look at the reality of these celebrities’ lives. None of them now days live by the old Golden Hollywood age of studio code, where morality – or at least, the appearance of such – was mandatory by the bosses who ran the show from behind the curtain. Today’s studio being nothing more than a distribution house, no longer dictates morality in Hollywood. Gone are the days where a salacious propensity towards a deviant sexual life is hidden from the shadows.

So where in the hell do they get off telling everyone else how to live and what to think when their houses are made with so much glass?

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