History: Inconvenience and Social Media

Here lately there’s been a lot of videos circulating social media like Twitter, citing Bill Clinton’s 1990s address where he addressed illegal aliens and the fact the US is a nation of laws. Yet, once again, history comes back to bit the Democrats as they push now for illegal aliens and open borders.

Hillary Clinton’s famous Bring them to Heel speech

As most know from the election, Hillary Clinton also had her turmoil amplified by past words, like the infamous “Bring them to Heel” during her jag on why Black men should be incarcerated under the Clinton Administrations push for three-strikes. She also made other statements along the way, demonstrating she was a woman of the moment, rather than someone who held any true morals or beliefs – in short, saying things people wanted to hear at the time so she could get votes or influence.

Obama speaking at Robert Byrd’s Funeral

In the time of Reconstruction, it was the Democrats – not the Republicans (Lincoln’s party)  – who created the Klu Klux Klan. They have courted the white supremacy group for a better part of a century and with social media, images of the Clintons with Klan imperial dragon and West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd were all the rage. Many of these images were damning enough but when stated with the fact that the Clintons and Obama went to the former Klansman’s funeral, it was almost too much for some to believe.

It’s a part of history – well-documented history to be exact. However, many liberals seem to turn the other way when their hypocrisy smacks them right between the eyes.

Donald Trump on Oprah 1988

Another thing history demonstrated for us during the election and beyond is the fact President Trump has never changed his views and belief systems. While he has traversed between the parties through affiliation and registration, many things continued throughout the last thirty years with regularity. His stance on foreign trade and China have been an ever-present theme in many interviews going all the way back to 1988 and possibly before. He has never wavered from his belief and even testified in 1992 before Congress about the gravity of business practices like over-regulation.

The President has held steadfast to his belief system whereas Clinton was a never-ending waffler who couldn’t commit to any stance on a long term basis – other than making money for herself.

As time and technology advances into new vistas, we can expect this quandary to only get worse for Democrats as they continue their attempt to rewrite their own history without much success. Their words come back to expose their duplicity time and again, thus, also revealing their disingenuous nature both as individuals and a party.

History has a way of doing this but with the help of Twitter and YouTube, the words of our leaders and contenders live on – much longer than most of them would care to acknowledge.

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