History in the Making…

It’s stunning to see the Mainstream Media has neglected on thing about our new President Elect Donald J. Trump. For the first time since possibly our Founding Fathers, he is a person who wasn’t groomed throughout his adult life to be a president. He is the epitome of the Outsider that many (obviously) have more faith in, rather than sticking with status quo candidates possessing years of professional political work and alliances.

Unlike any of his opponents, Trump is not of the norm. He’s never been in any elected office. Hence, this may explain a lot of the resistance DC has had towards him. He is unique because he’s accomplished to overcome gaffs that other politicians have fallen to and come out ahead. He has waved off opposition, nay-saying and other hurdles to accomplish a great feat that few, if any, have ever managed to accomplish.

In many ways, Trump is the type of representative our Founders envisioned for America. After doing much research on Framers like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, it is clear, they would be very pleased America has finally woken up to what they envisioned for future generations. After all, it was Washington who never wanted us to have a dictatorship or monarchy ruling class; it was the reason why he was the country’s first but reluctant president.

To some, this is scary because they’re so used to the professional politicians, the shudder at the thought of an everyday-man coming into the White House. However, they need not worry.

Trump would not be successful in business had it not been for his common sense, which in reality, that’s a chief component of being a leader of any situation. We need a leader who is not ensconced in the mayhem of corruption within the Beltway crowd. On the contrary, we’ve needed someone to clean up the mess those insiders have created over the decades – and this includes well before Ronald Reagan.

Don’t be fooled, this is hardly a Mr. Smith goes to Washington scenario as Trump has been involved on the outskirts through his business dealings with the DC Swamp; however, he comes in with a fresh, innovative finesse we’ve been craving but haven’t been offered for years. More Americans are waking up to the fact that, unlike past politicians, Trump is a man of his word and he’s going to hold other legislators to follow suit or get out. Refreshing considering all the situations we’ve seen as of late where rumors have swelled regarding the blatant criminality and corruption that permeates the DC scene.

Perhaps another reason for the Left, Media and GOP establishment resistance is, they know the gravy train is about to end and they will now become accountable to the People again through a man who has a vision. One has to wonder how many DCites have had a vision over the last decades given their consistent actions to further the status quo no matter how failing. Unlike anyone before, he will not hide their secrets, allow their dark, cigar-smoke filled room deals and selling off Americans for personal gain. Hardly. And this is why many Trump Supporters jumped on board his train from the very beginning.

He’s a straight shooter. He’s not going to take personal slams and smear jobs without protest. He’s going to fight back – and that’s what the People need, someone to fight back on our behalf, unfettered. Given this, DC is in for a big treat because for the first time in probably well over a century, they’re going to have a true maverick in their midst whose not going to give them a free pass or buy into the pork-belly bill mentality. He’s going to turn our government into a lean, mean fiscal machine while fulfilling the Constitutional Duty assigned to him and the Federal government by the country’s framers.

If the media and Debbie Downers would get off their Liberal High Horses, they’d realize this is a golden opportunity for them to be a part of this history. A new chapter in our Republic. Furthermore, it would do much to win back the lost audience and credibility over this past election cycle.

Hopefully, they’ll get a clue before their empires become mountains of camel dung.

Votes by County 2016
Votes by County 2016

Tomorrow, Trump is going to embark on a Thank You Tour to thank the millions of voters whom supported him regardless of what his opposition threw at him. This is highly unprecedented and refreshing to see as it shows he possess one thing that makes him most extraordinary. A) he has gratitude for us and our efforts on his behalf and B) he remembers always who he really works for — US not DC elites. Now, how can anyone be against that — to do so is simply un-American!

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