History 101: 1942 – It Wasn’t Just About WWII

1942 is a pivotal year in our Constitution’s history… as it was  the year when the Supreme Court of the United States overstepped the Constitution to begin the dismantling our individual rights and Federalize Americans’ lives.

The case was Wickard v. Filburn. Not many people hear too much about it as it lacks the sensationalism as Roe v. Wade or Brown v. the Board of Education. However, it’s impact on our country and us is too staggering to ignore.

As explained in Mark Levin’s, Liberty & Tyranny, the basic premise in this case was the SCOTUS ruled that a farmer growing wheat on his own land and for his own use was still subject to federal production limits, even though none of his wheat was sold to any other people or crossed state lines.

The reasoning was “withholding his wheat from commerce, the farmer was affecting interstate commerce, even though there was no commerce…”*** Hence, this means that private economic activity was conducted was subject to the regulations as dictated by the Agricultural Adjustment Act (1933, 1938).

With this decision, “Wickard sweep away 150 years of constitutional jurisprudence, decentralized government authority and private property rights protection.”

What does this mean for you and me some 74 years later?
The answer is: A lot!

It really originated when the Seventeenth Amendment was added to the Constitution (1913), where by the states gave up their right to have the Senate chosen by state legislators and turned it into an elected position. Hence, it promoted the states to become a fourth branch of the Federal government rather than maintaining autonomy.  Basically, it dialed back our country’s original intention where the states were united but remained separated from any oversight from a large dictatorial power.

As we all know, the Federal government has made it a long-standing policy to abuse its power of the purse by blackmailing states (and citizens) into compliance. Example: Transgender bathrooms or no federal education money. This insured a state’s complicity to the overreach of the government on the people. The regulatory mayhem began and later exploited by FDR’s  New Deal legislation, which prolonged the Great Depression an additional decade.

Why is this election so important?
What does it mean now? Well, it’s simple.

With legislature like Obamacare, the Wickard ruling open the doors to federal legislators to invade and eradicate your personal choice. One of the reasons is because by doing a federal law like healthcare prevents states from legislating on local levels. Meaning: If you don’t like Obamacare, you need to find another country to live in rather than merely relocating to another state, which is much easier.

In our current election, we have on one side you have a big government Globalist that seeks to destroy the US sovereignty where there are no citizen rights verses a Nationalist who seeks to restore our rights already shredded over the last few decades and get the Federal government out of our daily lives.

The Choice is really up to you! But, either way, the entitlement milieu is not sustainable. Therefore, all those collecting doles from government assistance will cease to have these payments sooner than later. This negligence and governmental reliance is likened to a house of cards about to collapse. While the choice to go the harder road may be tough but on the other side, the restoration of states’ rights is a much better proposition in the end.

After all, that’s the way this country was designed to operate as per the Founding Fathers who had a pretty good idea of what they were doing — even if they are just a group of old, dead white guys.

*** denotes direct passages from Mark R. Levin’s book, Liberty & Tyranny (Threshold Editions, NY).

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