HISTORIC OBSERVATION: The REAL Problem with Donald Trump!

Back when the Framers designed our governance, there was one thing they all tried to avoid — instating a system like the one they just won independence. A dictatorship, monarchy — single rulership — bourgeois ruling class.

As many pre-Common Core folks know, George Washington was our first ‘reluctant’ president. He didn’t want to be a president or leader because he didn’t want it to morph into a ruling class over common people. He had a right mind to believe this as we’ve seen since the Roosevelts.

The original idea was states would retain their sovereignty and their rights were paramount. The original 13 agreed to unite (yes, UNITE) in a group to become THE United States of America. This was not meant to be commoners verses ruling class as many Liberals are trying so hard to achieve. No, they were a collection of sovereign entities whom had one central government, which had the sole task of protecting the whole system from enemies foreign and domestic.

There was no intelligence agency (other than a spattering of spies in a network that traversed across the big pond) and there was no Internal Revenue Service. We have no centralized banking system and Wall Street was a tree where men sold commodities – not people. Yes, it was a whole different ball game back in the good old days – and it worked for a long time.

After the Civil War, when South Carolina dared to secede — their constitutional right — the whole government began to spiral out of control. Federal government became more than just a loose overseer and it metamorphosed into this self-feeding monster that was put on steroids during the FDR era. Unfortunately, the people allowed this to occur and didn’t question it because many believed it was government who had the answer their individual woes – not themselves.

Now fast forward to 2015…

Many folks thought it was a joke when Donald J. Trump came down the escalator at Trump Towers to announce his run for the presidency. George Will, Bill Kristol and the like also chimed in with the Liberals and their media hounds at the audacity this guy had to even think about running for the highest office in the land. Ah, the commoner thinks he can make a horse’s race of it. Good luck, dear old friend.

Most forget, until his announcement, people on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC (especially them,) NY Times, the New Yorker, the Washington Post — all held big Trump love. They called him every election to get his ‘input.’ They loved getting invites to his splashy Midtown parties and reveled in his tabloid personal life which had all the markings of Dynasty and the Colbys. He even made cameo appearances on hit television shows like Sex and the City – where Samantha Jones pledged her undying adoration for the real estate tycoon!

Trump was what every American aspired to be — Rich, Handsome, Extraordinary and Fluid. He had beautiful wives, beautiful children, beautiful buildings and most of all, a beautiful life!

After The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice brands came out on NBC, he became even more madly popular to Middle America because he was the boss who had no problem with saying, “You’re fired.” The public ate him up and couldn’t get enough Trump love! Trumpmania was all in swing and everyone touring New York’s hot spots always had a watchful eye out to spot ‘the Donald’ out on the town.

He did many great things for New York – ice skating pond, building his building while employing thousands upon thousands… and everyone loved his philanthropy. Back in the day, people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton cozied up to the baron for photo ops and enjoyed the light cast in his shadow. Remember the Maury Povich show where he gave the little girl a check for some huge undisclosed amount? Yes, he was the man of all men — that is, until he became a candidate for the President of the United States.

Now, he’s a mere commoner – a duplicitous devil who financially rapes his poor workers and exudes racism from every pore! This coming from the same people who just four short years ago, had no problem hitting up for campaign donations while singing his praises and thought he was just the cat’s meow!

Oh how the tide changed, and here’s why…

If you study presidential history, one thing that becomes quickly apparent is many former presidents were ‘groomed’ for the office. Richard Nixon, a professional lawyer turned politician, often lamented that he was not from the ‘right’ collegiate background, was the only one to not hail some huge Ivy League university. Most were Harvard, Princeton, Yale or Duke grads and had been hobnobbing with the rich and famous their whole lives. Some had humble beginnings, but for the most part, they made themselves a part of the elite circles in order to become professional politicians.

If you look at Franklin Roosevelt’s history, he purposefully married Eleanor because she was Theodore Roosevelt’s niece — making her FDR’s distant cousin. (Talk about creepy things to do to get ahead in your career.) He went through the same track Teddy went in order to garner his own rightful place in the presidential seat. Navy, Governor of New York — all the making (note the word makings) of a president.

When you look at John F. Kennedy – here again, you find Naval service, lawyer, Ivy League –all the trappings of the equaling groomed for the White House. This was no accident as his father, Joe, made it no secret that his desire to see one of his sons as the President. When Joe, Jr. died, the next option was Jack. And away they went to move him up the political ladder.

If you really look at them, almost every president was groomed for the position – hence, making it a ruling dynasty of certain elite families with specific backgrounds. Trump is the one that upsets the whole apple cart because he wasn’t groomed to be anything but Donald Trump!

Trump didn’t study politics or law, didn’t attend Harvard at some point in his academic career and he certainly didn’t marry his way into some big family dynasty. He married models, built his buildings, diversified in some winning businesses but also some losers. He lived the life of a relatively normal, average albeit a wealthy man.

This is a real sticking point with the ruling elite in America — and perhaps for some other countries like China. Why? Because they’re used to political slickness that Trump doesn’t possess. He doesn’t have that politically correct filter they all love to live by. He doesn’t live his life based on some D Street political consulting firm’s focus group results. He just says what he means and means what he says. DC and the Beltway bourgeois are not used to this kind of candor – especially one whose never been in their ranks as an equal. He is the ultimate outsider!

Mistakenly, the elites thought by vilifying him continuously day in and day out, it would swipe him under the mat because, after all, who could resist Marco’s good looks or Ted’s legal prowess when faced with Trump’s lack of political savvy. They banked on Rubio and Cruz because he was like what most people ‘expect’ from DC politicians. They were known commodities. Unfortunately for them, perhaps, a little too well known!

The Elites Always Fail at Discovering What People Want…

No matter how many Frank Luntzs in the world tell them what the scoops, the elites seemed to be clueless about what the common people want. After eight long years of hearing about greatness when all they saw was their paychecks shrinking if lucky to find a job at all, the American voter wanted something incredibly different this time around – and Nigel did not help with his whole Brexit deal. The brave soul brothers in the UK gave us the courage to reach for the stars as they voted themselves out of the fate our leaders were pushing us towards since 1991. Globalism disaster 101.

Trump tapped into this – not because he’s brilliant even though he is — but because he worked daily with everyday people the Elites never meet, much less care about.

Getting back to the framers, they meant for Washington to be a group of men (sign of times) who came together to represent their little enclaves. These men were already assumed to have other professions – and their Civic Service was voluntary. It was not meant to be a career path. They were not meant to be groomed other than by their local municipalities. They were meant to be ordinary citizens who were elected by their little hamlets to come to DC and discuss/legislate on a national stage the will of their people. They weren’t meant to move into a community, set up a campaign headquarters, declare themselves a citizen and then rush off to DC never to be seen or heard from until the next election. Now days, this is exactly what we have.

Look at Clinton as a New York Senator as this is a shining example of what they didn’t want to occur. She grew up in Chicago, went to school in Boston, lived in DC for a brief stint, lived as First Lady in Little Rock, moved to DC as First Lady of the USA and then BOOM, after declaring buying a house in Upstate, she’s a New York citizen? She never had Chelsea in the New York public school system so she never served on a local PTA. She never even went to the local Walmart, yet all of the sudden, she promoted herself as the woman to represent New Yorkers in her district? How did she even know what they wanted? Through emails? Well, we all know how Clinton does email so we can assume she was clueless about what her constituency wanted or needed. Considering her lack of results for New Yorkers, the proof was definitely in that pudding, wasn’t it?

This is not how the system was meant to be run — and now, it’s high time we got back to what our government was here to do… represent We The People.

Unlike Clinton, Trump actually had his boots on the ground his whole life. He connected with people from all demographics. He conversed with them, lived among them, circulated around them daily. When asked for his ‘opinion,’ he discussed the need to do things like  revitalizing Harlem when it wasn’t hip to live in the ‘ghetto.’ He discussed school systems and how they could be enhanced. He’s been talking every bit of his campaign talking points since his 1980 interview with Rona Barrett. There’s nothing ‘new’ about Trump’s common sense to anyone whose looked into his long talking head history!

While many Liberals will wince, Trump is what the founding fathers wanted to for our leadership. People who knew the people they represented and knew what they needed to succeed on their own two feet – not become serf dependents on the state. Forced Altruism like welfare and income taxes were not in the equation — neither was creating jobs. Those things were left up to the local areas – not for the federal government whose two responsibilities financially were to provide the Postal Service and Military.

Hence, now, you know why the Media, Liberals and GOPe are in such an uproar. Now you understand why the Electoral College has them all turned upside down and topsy turvy.  All the shenanigans like the Recounts, Electors, Russians are coming, are not being bought by average Americans who’ve been to the puppet show and seen all the strings many times before. The elites are literally fighting for their own survival and it’s not working.

We’ve come full circle back to 1776 when all Hell broke loose and the patriots said, “We’re not gonna take this rulership anymore…”

Let’s hope the majority of us have finally embraced what it is to really live in a Republic and quit trying to make this into some nanny state ruled by a rich ruling class! After all, that’s not what George or Tommy J. or Ben wanted for us in the first place!

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