Hillary Clinton’s State of Denial

By Thornton Crowe

While most people are more than familiar with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, she continues to double, triple, quadrupled down on her denial when there is not one shred of plausible deniability to be found anywhere in reality. When will she every come to terms with her malfeasance and the pending ramifications coming forth? It seems even during her recent debate on Univision, she is still in a hyper-case of denial that is likened to nothing more than a psychopath trying to brush it away as if it’s nothing.

In fact, showing her irreverence to American voters, she told the moderator flat out she was going to even answer the question, when asked if she would step down should she be indicted.

Knowing on the political beat that a plea deal has already been in the works for her, this is nothing short of bold face lying to the public. For this alone, baring all criminality, she should be rejected as a viable candidate for the most important job in our country: President of the United States.

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