HILLARY CLINTON: The Ex Who Won’t Go Away!

Remember when, during the third debate, Donald Trump refused to commit to the election results should he lose and Hillary Clinton made a big hoopla about how it was a smear to our democracy should he contest the results?

Well, since she lost the election, Clinton, the Democrat Party and their faithful liberal lapdogs in our corrupt media have been dubiously involved in many actions to thwart Trump’s victory. They have been working at fever pitch behind and in front of the scenes to delegitimize his transition which has already produced some tangible results for Americans. Unfortunately, it’s not working out so hot and is merely causing more people to concentrate on the duplicity now more than ever.

The Big Recap…

First, she whined to her donors that it was FBI Director James Comey who was the one to throw water on her parade because he dared to come out about his investigation regarding her private server set up, which is a violation of many statues, rules, regulations and laws pertaining to handling top secret information. While Trump has said publicly he will not pursue her for these crimes, all smart voters know, it’s not his job to pursue anyone for legal situations. In fact, it is Senator Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General to indict people for criminal behavior; therefore, she has no guarantee her criminal justice problems are behind her.

On the contrary, as it stands right now, the Clinton Foundation alone has six on-going investigations in six different jurisdictions: four investigations by the FBI and local AGs in New York, Miami, Little Rock, DC and Los Angeles and one by the IRS in Dallas. Furthermore, just because Comey closed the email investigation, Congress has already committed publicly to continue their investigation. And contrary to many armchair lawyers, the FBI can re-open the case at any time – more likely after Trump is sworn into office.

Second, Clinton is widely suspected of getting her gal pal, Jill Stein from the Green Party, to launch the ridiculous three-state recount under the fake premise it was about supposed voter fraud for which she had no proof. While many have accused the Greenie of trying to fundraise in order to bolster her donor list, it was rather suspicious when most of her ‘donations’ came in $160K blocks on an hourly basis – not the norm for fundraising trends, especially when this steady stream occurred even during hours when both coasts are generally asleep. Smell the bots?

As we know, the Michigan Court of Appeals shut her down last week and Pennsylvania’s ruling (happening Monday) is looking to follow suit with Michigan. Lastly, Wisconsin being 100% in shows Clinton only gaining 44 votes statewide, hence, the entire recount farce ended in a smashing failure to turn back the electoral tide. Sad news for Stein is now the state of Michigan is working towards a law that will hold Stein accountable for what recounting efforts did occur because her claim was baseless and she took advantage of their .5% election rule for recount requests.

Third, Chris Spugun, the rogue Texan whom claims he will go against his sworn pledge and not cast his electoral vote for Trump after boasting to friends he was paid $100K by Hillary’s pal, George Soros, citing it was on her behalf. While it’s a rumor, given Soros and Clinton’s previous behaviors – it’s not out of the realm of plausible possibilities. Congress can and will more likely ignore his one vote and take all thirty-eight without him.

Fourth, many electors all over America have been threatened and harassed by ‘anonymous’ perpetrators should they cast their state votes for Trump. One elector spoke out about this fodder, stating he would vote for Trump regardless of the nonsense.

And finally (well for this week), at a farewell gathering for retiring Democrat Senator Harry Reid, she claimed it was all fake news’s fault that ruined her political life. Clinton is only making her situation far worse by continuing to come out in public, making ridiculous claims. She is no longer in any position to call for Congress to do anything; therefore, it’s quite atrocious that she makes such a claim in any public speech at this point.

Of course, this last week, the Russians were accused again by the lame stream media – all based on unnamed sources and without any proof whatsoever. Sure, the Wikileaks exposé of her emails demonstrated the massive DNC primary cheating and nefarious pay to play scheme she and Bill were running out of the Clinton Foundation when she was a Senator and Secretary of State, the Russian ‘story’ was debunked by the FBI before the election ended and they still stick to their findings as of today.

Will Clinton, the Democrats and her media puppies ever get it?

It was not Russians, cheating (other than her own) or fake news that led to her very public and humiliating downfall; it was her own corrupt criminality that pushed people to the point they simply couldn’t vote for her! She is responsible for making the bad choices in the past; therefore, she has no one else to blame but herself.

The Democrats can cry in their soup all day, blaming everyone in sight for her failure to close the deal, but at the end of the day, the simple fact is, she was a horrible candidate. The DNC had to cheat to get her the nomination to begin with – not a most auspicious start to the general election.

It’s amazing to think that a candidate so flawed could be put before the American public for consideration for any elected office, when in fact, given her mishandling of email, she wouldn’t qualify for clearance even to apply for a file clerk for any government agency, much less the presidency!

Democrats are blinder than bats…

While they all drown in their liberal tears, it doesn’t seem like Democrats nor Clinton have learned beans from this massive failure to launch. In fact, their actions (like re-electing shrew Nancy Pelosi and considering a radicalized Keith Ellison for DNC Chair) indicates they have not one clue about the American voters. Perhaps it’s time for the DNC to go by the way of the Whigs because they’re party is in such a mess right now, they look more insidious with each passing day.

Will they listen?

Probably not. For some reason, they don’t embrace the fact the jig is up. More voters are acutely aware of the balderdash going on within their party and DC elites. Additionally, not only aware, they are tired of it! They voted against it and no longer going to tolerate it!

The best thing the Democrats can do at this point is park Clinton in her home and never allow her to speak publicly again for a start. Because every time she makes an appearance, she only further marginalizes the party – thus, she’s bad for business! However, given the last month, it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting the 411 any time soon.

Clinton is like that ex who won’t go away after the big break-up is done!

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